Just wanted to stick my head round the corner and say hi to everyone. Being a bit of a techno ignoramous, I have only just found this site! Been quite amused by sme of the posts already so thought I would lose my cherry and introduce myself. :D
Welcome the the party, littlelizard. :D :D :D

Don't lend Dogface any money!

Ello littlelizard,

Give me your boots son and I'll bull them for you for a fiver

 where's that can of pledge? :D


Book Reviewer
Can you pop down to QM(T) and get me a long weight?
Can you hop down to tech and get a bag of tappet clearances :?

or if att Scots DG some tartan paint
Couldn't pop to the LAD and ask them for some star shaped Fallopian tubes for my rover could you?
...and some sparks for the grinder.
Bet you wished you just stayed hidden??
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