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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Rarden_reaper, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. When I first joined my regiment there were some rather 'interesting ways of welcoming young troopers to their new squadrons. I myself had a broom handle inserted through the sleeves of my covvies and was suspended over an inspection pit whilst having spill sorb and various omd lubricants and oils poured into my coveralls. Anyone had any similar or better welcomings in their time?
  2. I never experienced any inductions personally, but there were the normal ones like sending the nig to the QM(T) for a tin of camo paint; to the SQMS store to request a long weight (wait) etc. Our regi drink was, obviously, made up of regimental colours - brown, red, green and I can only remember the creme de menthe and cherry brandy but can't recall what the brown liquid was - it tasted vile and trying to get a pint of it into your 17 year old gut was testing; mine stayed down for at least 3 minutes before a techicolour yawn outside the squadron bar :oops:
  3. Not an introduction but a farewell for one of the REME lads in Bosnia.

    stripped naked, covered in grease then covered in Chicken feed.
    tied up and hung from the crarrv's crane and dropped into the chicken coup.
  4. The old Scarlet n Green, boy was i fecking sick afterwards, that and a trip down Brookstrasse, which was very enjoyable actually :)
  5. I arrived at Wolfenbuttel on a thursday late at night, friday afternoon LAD bar for a session, then down to Braunsweig, crap scared when they showed me the Bruckstrasse. Well for a couple of days anyway.

    Those Scarlet & Greens were a nightmare, I remember we put 21 of them in front of one of our CFN on his birthday - scuppered the lot, then chundered for the UK. No wonder the bugger ended up an alky.

  6. WAMBO!!, if you dont know what it is, then you dont need to.
  7. Brown was napoleon brandy. The RTR colours have to be reversed for the drink. creme de menth at the bottom, followed by cherry brandy poured slowly over a spoon with the napoleon brandy on top. The 3 drinks don't mix so you have the 3 colours one on top of the other. Like you said Dave they mix on the way back out!!. Mind you I never had to drink a pint! Only a spirit glass with one shot of each. a lightweight I know but on this occasion I'm glad.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I was dead lucky, me. I joined the regiment in Northern Ireland and I simply had to try and keep up with the troop drinking Dog. I was a lightweight then (found me range very quickly though, but now sadly dry due to a nasal condition) and quickly fell behind.

    Luckily for me the troop got so slavvered so quickly, they failed to observe the cans piling up in front of me, so I simply packed me combats with live rounds, went to the bog and cut out the middle man.

    I still got through enough to go to bed worrying I would never wake up, then surprised me self by waking up chipper and doing a good job on a NATO standard breakfast and keeping it down.

    A morning spent on a nice walk in the Tyrone countryside, then we set off back to camp. Tom announced in the back of the LR that he had eyes on a liquid lunch, since we had no patrols that afternoon. A couple of cans of Dog and he was set. From this point to re-entering the camp, I continued to narrowly avoid disposing of last night's Dog all over the bonnets of cars daft enough to get too close.
  9. Never an induction as such other than the obligatory get the beers in NIG, but one of the units I was in did have the odd habit of wheeling you around the regiment in a Stadt Bin when you were leaving, never understood why.

    I escaped this only to arrive at one of the boys weddings a week later to be dumped in a Skip out side the pub during the stag night on the premise that I hadn't really left the unit until I had been in the bin.