Nifty Little Knife....

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Dec 3, 2017.

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  2. Cue Daily mail terror knives outrage
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  3. This is one for the underwater knife fighting course. Probably old, been seen before by some, still good though.

  4. Err if the knife is in that deep, isn't the bang bit a tad overkill?
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  5. I can't wait to see the first YouTube film of some redneck mong shooting his own thumb off.
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  6. Sharks take a fair bit of killing I assume.
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  7. Is it a genuine Daffyd Dangleberry?
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  8. PicsArt_12-03-06.13.22.jpg
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  9. You have never tried cutting/stabbing a shark then. Three of us using a hacksaw spent the best part of two hours trying to cut the head off a sand shark - the thing was about two inches diameter.

    We were off Mersing on Tioman doing two weeks worth of open water training. Down at 40'ish feet my mate lifted a piece of small wreckage and the little bast@rd darted out and sank its teeth into his face where the mask sat on his cheek - it had a mouthful of half mask half face. Mate in a panic shoots up - at least remembering to exhale - out of the water into the boat without touching the sides. He ripped his mask off and luckily the shark went with the mask to the bottom of the boat till it died. We also used to prod basking sharks quite hard with our knives, hang onto the fin and get taken for a ride.

    If you hit a shark right with a knife you would be lucky to penetrate a few inches and even then the teeth still work. Only thing worse than a shark is two sharks, or a load of barracuda - like 6 foot long piranha.
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  10. Ah. Ta for the info. Luckily you never found sharks at the bottom of the trench at Strensall. ;)
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  11. Would the bangy bit be there in case the sharpie couldn't be withdrawn due to suction? Nifty little bugger but I'd keep it away from my Missus. :cool:
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  12. You would be surprised, or maybe not, at the crap they sell at gun shows over here to gullible rednecks. The belt buckle pistol always makes me chuckle at the thought of some dimwit trying to deploy it and shooting his knackers off.

    The latest piece of fashionable tat is the groin/appendix holsters...........I am waiting for the youtube video. They carry these small frame 9mm and .380's in a small holster shoved down next to their knackers. Two designs for deployment: 1. Shove your hand down, grab the pistol and off you go; 2. A strap affair attached to the holster so that you grasp the strap and pull the holster up with one hand whilst plunging the other hand down to grab the pistol. Believe it or not I and my, former MARSOC, mate stood on the range watching a bloke deliver a $400, 2 day, defensive pistol course, to 10 people, based around the use of these. Laughable, and the knobs pay for it.
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  13. It's against the GC to stab and shoot. Stab, withdraw, then shoot is perfectly OK.
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