Niff-naff: Colours of ink and grades of seniority.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Watcher, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. A colleague of mine has just sent out an e-mail in a green font which prompted me to recall that, in my early life as an MoD civil servant, my Assistant Secretary used green ink. This was part of an old established principle that different grades used different coloured inks. Myself, as a lowly Exec. Officer, could only use blue! Sounds a bit Victorian but not a bad system in a paper based office. Can anyone remember all the colours and grades; did it apply in the Army?
  2. CGS is very fond of green ink.
  3. I use a lot of red pen when checking my soldiers work in casefiles. And commanders use blue for any direction needed. Not too sure if this is policy or "ism".
  4. As I can remember it was:

    green - Assistant Secretary
    brown - Senior Executive Officer
    black - Higher Executive Officer
    blue - Executive Officer

    System was dying out when I joined in the '80s but my AS (one star level) still used green and you certainly read his comment first!
  5. In the RN only the CO uses red pen, I was told, after using a red pen...
  6. and the CoS (Exec) uses green. At least that's as I remember it when 3* Sir Rob wrote "I want to see the author of this at 0900", in red, and the CoS wrote "My office 0830", in green, on a letter I had drafted!!

  7. We only had one pen in my regiment and we all had to share it - I think the CO had it on Tuesdays until lunch time. That wasn´t too bad because not many of us could write properly. I can´t remember what colour ink it had. Most of us made do with crayons as I am doing now. Bye bye
  8. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Purple, as i recall, used to be the colour for 4 star ranks and equivalents.
  9. Pretty sure that Comd 160 bde (Wales) used to sign off in Green Ink
  10. What did you write?
  11. "Only generals may use green ink". I've been using it, guerilla-styley ever since I read that - seditious moi?
  12. In the RN, CO in red, Flag rank in green, submariners in pink.
  13. They still apply this rigidly in the Bundeswehr, I can't remember all the colours, but only the Commander can use green. They take it really seriously!
  14. I trust you then retained the paperwork you altered for the unused disclosure bundle under the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996??
  15. Presumably there is a specific colour for "We invade (insert country here) at 0430 tomorrow".