Anyone served in Nienburg? Maybe you'll enjoy seeing these? They're of Mudra-Kaserne in 1938. What was the name used by the Germans??? Was it Mudra-Kaserne? What did the British call it?

And of course...if you have more, PM me

THE HORROR....................................THE HORROR......................

it was Mudra Kaserne.....

is that second picture of the gate by 45 Sqns block, with the NAAFI up the road?

the main gate was round the corner next to 4 Sqns block later on.

Where did you get those?
The British name was Assaye Bks, but try getting a taxi driver to understand that on the way back from voices :roll:

Ahhhh, Nienburg.......Happy Days 8O
Remember when dog sqn decided to shoot miniflares and fireworks purchased from the grosso at all the locals celebrating beating england Italia 90 on by driving up and down the Berlinerring. Indeed happy days
that second picture looks like what the camp must have been like when a certain (SS)m B---ke was there, according to all the stories from lads i know.

i have worked for the man since he got commissioned & can well believe the stories are nothing but the truth.
blimey!!! my old room visable. good job the fire escapes were installed to make a rapid entry with your bollocknase from the bp hatchway!!!
A mate of mine drove round there last year and Dog Sqn block is now the Polizei station...he did not find out if the bar was still there
I was in 7 squadron which was through the main gate past the NAAFI block, turn right, on your left. I was a sqn pti in 1978-80. One year it rained ice, and the main road was used as an ice rink by all.
What an awsome posting that was. I was in 4 Fd Sqn 92 till we left for Traz.
Went past the old camp last year and its now a police station (dog and 45 blocks) what a sad event. NAAFI is still standing though.
:) :) :) :)
Ha I remember the firework and mini flare incident with dog sqn. Especially when 4 sqn returned fire and lit one of the curtain in dog sqn! Yep Happy days! :D
Same here, no pics opening -- was also ex 4 sqn, great times, great posting, great bunch of guys, ahh blondies - and falling asleep in the park on the way back to camp, who remembers the animals in the park, till some sick fuxxer set fire to their building !!!!
I was there in the late sixties in 4 Fld Sqn then across the square to 45 Fld Sup Sqn. Also there was 1 Fld Sqn & 66 Sqn RCT. Great memories. Remember one time some civvie workers were digging behind one of the blocks and dug up some relics from WW2. Some weapons and a few German helmets I believe. The provo Sgt being a right b*st*rd kept the helmets (you can imagine the state they were in) and got whoever was in jail to use plenty of wire wool,brasso & elbow grease. Those helmets ended up looking like they had been dipped in silver. Anyone remember those helmets?
Happy days indeed. Does anyone remember the tailors dummy on the Starnet tower incident '88/'89? Numerous reports from the locals about a soldier ready to jump off, right next to the junction on the Berliner Ring, rumour had it that a few crashes were caused by people driving along and spotting it. It had dog Sqn written all over it......

And Voices, what a place! If you could get in.

Thw Weser Bar was another haunt.
Ha! the set of coveralls with the two fingers up at the top of the starnet tower - I remember it well..was that around the time the Idiot CO Lt Col El**t was towed down town on his yacht for his march out, and then LEFT in the high street!! Fantastic - serves him right for all those poxy NBC black days on wednesdays. what an arse.
The very same! COs ballbursters, now there was a treat. I remember the NBC black phase at the end of the tabs, S6 cannisters dropping off all over the place where thay had been loosened to try to get some air in. Or chocking on the carbon where holes had been drilled in them....

And i think the training areas were called Kohleberg and Krahe?

Always followed up with a happy hour in the bar though, and then the start of the weekend. Sqn bar for starters, few warmrs in the Treff then off to Hannover for a weekend of debauchery. Or down to the swimming pool in the summer to letch at the pads wives.

I would go back tomorrow.
zxninerpilot said:
Or down to the swimming pool in the summer to letch at the pads wives.

I would go back tomorrow.
how old would those pads wives be now though???? probably still put out :oops: :wink: :oops: :wink:
the treff!! jeeesus, third degree burns from the pizza fights..blondies with the cast iron pool cues.and manny with his huuuuge hands at the alt..
best days of my life. Remember Maximillians in the park for the posh totty?

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