NIE Reports on a No Nuke Iran

No doubt you've heard of the "Great Victory" in Iran:

Erstwhile from Israel there's this:,7340,L-3479180,00.html

I suspect a mere public orchestration to release the pressure leading into the next round of Iraq talks in 5 days, and leading into election campaigns. It seems to me that President Armsinhisdinnerjacket and Co have more than one puppet master to make him squalk like a fool :)

International pressure has worked to some extent, in so far it's crippled Iran's ability to openly acquire any and all resources and sundry to fast track their weapons program, however it openly states and continues to state that it seeks the 'knowledge' of full nuclear potential as a deterrence, and that it aims to openly share this 'knowledge' with any Muslim or foreign investors that come calling; erstwhile continuing it's uranium enrichment in contravention of international sanctions.

None the less methinks the foundations for handover of the issues and the setting of the tone for the next US administration have been well laid. They seem to have improved somewhat 8O

Long Haul.
Iran....... peaceful nuclear activities...
Yeah right, islam doing peaceful :roll:
We judge with moderate-to-high confidence that Iran's crap will stop stinkin in the immediate to middle future to be highly unlikely. And we assess with high confidence that in the medium-to-long term that unless Iran eventually tows the line with the International Community that the certainty of it eventually being turned into a clusterfcuked slag pit remains very high. :)

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