Nicole Scherzinger - she likes it dirty

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jacob1650, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Her latest lyrics say something along these lines........

    Me like the way that you talk dirty,
    Don't wash your mouth out, me like it dirty.

    So, forgetting our usual manners where the ladies are concerned, what would you like to say to Nicole.

  2. WHO??

    ten fucking letters
  3. "Get in the fucking boot!"
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  4. For the dinosaurs ...........

  5. Looks very "air brushed" and the tits have a hint of silicon. But as I have no standards whatsoever of course, as long as she doesn't mind the pissed stained mattress in the corner of the shed.
  6. (-ex) Pussy Cat Dolls lead vocals. hot as hell
  7. This isn't a discussion ladies. She likes a dirty mouth. Tell her about herself.
  8. Yes, but a clam that stinks of Go-karting Dwarf, Lewis Hamiltons porridge.
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  9. Brace yourself Nicci I'm lubing up with fiery jack and camphorated oil for a hot scrott!!!
    Show us yer Pussy! cat Doll :wink:
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  10. How do you know she likes it dirty? According to those lyrics, somebody called Me likes it dirty. She doesn't say she does.
  11. Having just googled her lyrics:-

    I woudn't say anything to her...............I'd just punch her in the face for crimes against music.
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  12. Treat your willy to a bit of fun and google the lyrics for right there.
  13. 'that's it you dirty black cunt, piss all over my feet whilst I play this tambourine'
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  14. Does this cloth smell of chloroform :smooch:
  15. HHH

    HHH LE

    I'd say.....So you think Lewis is fast........Standy By for the fastest ride in your life!!!