Nicolai Lilin - Truth, the stretching of, or outright walting?

Just finished reading the second book by Nicolai Lilin - Freefall. Although the author acknowledges that the narrative is a blending of stories, personal and others, there seems to be some internet(i know!) speculation regarding the overall authenticity of the work. The prose is easy and enjoyable but somewhat unconventional, and maybe this contributes to the speculation.

Anyways i rather enjoyed the read and a little browsing uncovered this that may be of interest;

ArtOfWar. English. English version of Artofwar

Please anyone feel free to steer me in direction of any decent books on the Soviet/Afghan or Russian?Chechen Wars beyond the handful that regularly appear in Waterstones/on Amazon. Thanks.
Er, cheers for that ballbag. You seem a little angry, a bit early for the hard stuff? This is the Book Club, I apologize for my temerity in commenting on a book I've just finished, and humbly repeat my request for any recommendations users might have for future reading.

On the subjects mentioned my limited reading consists of

Afghanistan: A Russian Soldier's Story by Vladislav Tamarov
The Hidden War: A Russian Journalist's Account of the Soviet War in Afghanistan by Artyom Borovik
One Soldier's War in Chechnya by Arkady Babchenko

Any more hurtful replies and I will promise to restrict my interests to SLRs and sheds

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