Nicola Sturgeon - whither the SNP

Is Sturgeon's time as First Minister of Scotland coming to an end

  • Yes - she is dooomed

    Votes: 155 49.1%
  • No - this is just a storm in a tea cup

    Votes: 30 9.5%
  • Don't know

    Votes: 43 13.6%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 88 27.8%

  • Total voters
Still besties I reckon xoxo

Now, I was watching via the BBC app this afternoon and I was wondering if anyone else got a bit of a goosed up transmission but towards the last hour the footage changed to black and white runs of a very young DofE ? BBC getting ready for an announcement?
i would guess that some ATs are checking blank rounds at KTN, just in case
That’s a real Ulster saying - the masters of personation

Allegedly attributed to James Michael Curley, Irish American Democrat and office holder in Boston (Mayor) and Massachusetts (Congressman, twice, and Governor). So corrupt, he could have been the inspiration for Charles Haughey.
How’s he going to get more into the public domain without opening himself for contempt of court . . . /
Evidence within brown envelopes, sent anonymously to the MSM ?! ;) .
I don't want to shock but...I just watch part of a Janey Godley video on FB, about todays proceedings and, then read some of the comments !!!
Hmmm, Westminster getting ready to get involved??

In the HoC today, Liam Fox asked a question at PMQs about the Scottish Civil Service.

Apparently, when devolution was established in Scotland, there was no separate Scottish Civil Service created. It is part of the UK Civil Service with UK ministerial oversight.

He asked the PM to confirm that any Civil Servant who felt pressurised to behave inappropriately, had a mechanism to seek redress beyond the minister to whom they are immediately answerable

Be interesting to see if any come forward.
what really pisses me off it this is my taxes.
As a tight Scot I know where you're coming from. However, some of us are even more pissed off because of being a Scot! We all, pom gobblers, sheep shaggers, tattie munchers, tight bars tards, think we are all better than the rest, depending on where we were born. If a Martian, (other life forms are/may be available) was shown a map of the world, and was asked which country dominated it for so long, the last place he would have picked was the UK. We punched well above our weight on the world stage, and in some cases still *do. Now, thanks to my countrymen voting in a shower of fanatics, that Union is in jeopardy. You, as an Englander(?)don't have that on your conscience. I, however much I've no say over the border, will always be a Scot, something I was not shy to shout about. Now? I won't be cultivating an English accent, that is mission impossible, but my Weegie accent will not be so strident.

* Before I'm accused of wishing for the days of Empire to return, they were on the way out even before I was born!
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