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Nicola Sturgeon - whither the SNP

Is Sturgeon's time as First Minister of Scotland coming to an end

  • Yes - she is dooomed

    Votes: 107 45.7%
  • No - this is just a storm in a tea cup

    Votes: 23 9.8%
  • Don't know

    Votes: 37 15.8%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 67 28.6%

  • Total voters
Will Scots who live outside the bubble (and SNP thought control) of Scotland be eligible to vote on this, should it come to it?
You can be sure that the SNPs most avid on line supporter based in Somerset will be having his say.


The polls suggest so.

She is on a winner, when it goes right its because of the SNP when it goes wrong its because of England.
No even those in HMF posted elsewhere in 2014 werent allowed a vote, But yet they want to give 16yr olds and non UK citizens the vote you really can't make it up.
Funny thing was, my mate was a Mancunian married to a Jock, working week days in London with the Met Police and travelled to Scotland at the weekend, got to vote while other Jocks in the office living in England couldn't.
Thats just wishful thinking on the part of the English.
I agree. If it looks like 'wee buns' is holding enough cards in Scotland, Boris will enact legislation to govern the conduct of constitutional referendums - A win will require something like 60% of the registered electorate - hence, Nicolai is fecked (even if it is only for the first time). ETA not just a 60-40 victory, but a victory consisting of 60% of eligible voters


Ask a Nat how they will fund the following post independance,

EU contriutions/debt reductions to join
Share of UK debt
2%GDP NATO commitment
DVLA/VOSA type agency
Tax office
Foreign office/embassies
civil aviation/air traffic control system
Customs/border services
Health and Safety agency and a host of other bodies that would need to set up

Point out to them oil less than $60 a barrell against the projected $120 they based 2014 on
Point out to them the whisky money is a false flag as well whisky is a luxuary item and what happens to luxury items in a worldwide ressession added into the alcohol drinking habits of the worlds fasted growing religion

All the time even by their own admissions a greater austerity than we have had before to meet these targets so either taxed to the hilt (30%) I've been told from a guy at work thats mate was at a function with Swinney and thats what Swinney said, When questioned why 30% " Well the scandie's pay that and don't complain" was the answer.

So add 30% plus reduced services will still have the NI contributions pay per use roads maximum council tax increases year on year etc ask them how much money are you prepared to lose to taxation and you'll get a response it's all unionist lies truth be told I'll bet if you ask how much it will cost and what depts they would need to set up they wouldn't have a clue and the response would be

"It's Westmonster's fault, Now whats the question?"
That's easy, they'll just cry FFRRREEEEEDDDDOOOOOOMMMM and everything will be fine.
There was a similar situation for Ireland, they were on their 3rd attempt. 1st was defeated in HoC, 2nd got through HoC but defeated in HoL. 3rd was passed but not enacted due to WW1.
The 4th one made it in 1920................its impact was felt in NI 1969-97 and is still being argued to this day. Best leave it alone in Scotland. Hence my post above about winning margins. A referendum victory on FPTP terms would be an utter disaster.
My perception of all things Scottish is coloured by having been posted to a Scottish Battalion.

Individually most of them were tolerable, however the more of them that were present at any time they more Scottish they become and the more Anti English (well anti everyone but English in particular) they became.

something like this

View attachment 541846
The level of support for a "Free Scotland" was quite high and some of the less bright stated they'd pay for it by selling Trident and Buckfast. I always avoided any discussion about politics (or anything at all for that matter) as it would simply be a diatribe against 'the mashmen in London' and Braveheart*.

*well known to be an accurate documentary.
And the ones serving outside of Jockland were denied a vote
Correction. Her PR handling has been pretty good.

Holyrood's actual handling of the pandemic has been woefully poor and frankly, at times. worse than Westminster's
Nicola is a childless former children's minister & an independence campaigner who's probably never gonna be independent....

She was also shit in crackerjack.
According to all the polls on wiki it might be more than wishful thinking

Opinion polling on Scottish independence - Wikipedia

Independence has been in front since June last year
So’s a lockdown.

Amazing what people think about in the middle of a lockdown.

There was a whole host of middle class white anarchists who decided that addressing the UKs history of slavery over 200 years ago was important.

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