Nicola Sturgeon - whither the SNP

Is Sturgeon's time as First Minister of Scotland coming to an end

  • Yes - she is dooomed

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  • No - this is just a storm in a tea cup

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  • Don't know

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  • Don't care

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Guido Fawkes is based in Ireland I believe - he reported on a couple of injunctions that the whole world knew about but were locked up in superinjunctions under English law.
I watched Staines tell Judge Levinson during the phones enquiry that he didn't care what injunctions were put in place as a. He was Irish, as you say & b. If an injunction was put in place in one country he would move the article to servers in another & there was nothing that he or any other UK judge could do about it.
It does not need a not proven verdict for double jeopardy
Agreed, but you missed the point. I was only talking about double jeopardy from the viewpoint of the rest of the UK (Scotland excluded). Only in Scotland is there a third option...

Scottish law is different to English law in many important respects. This is just one.
Not quite. While not identical the double jeopardy rules in E&W (since 2003) and Scotland (since 2011) are similar in that you still cannot normally be tried twice for the same offence, but in exceptional circumstances you now can be. The Scottish "not proven" verdict is not a factor in this.
That's not how it was explained to me by a Scottish copper about 20 years ago. I'll take your word for it.


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That's not how it was explained to me by a Scottish copper about 20 years ago. I'll take your word for it.

Double jeopardy has only been available in Scotland since 2011.

@hackle is more knowledgeable but even before that am sure that you could not be retried after a not proven verdict.
If you think this sh1tshow is bad, wait until a bankrupt iScotland takes a ton of cash from the Chinese to build a naval base for the PLAN’s Atlantic Fleet.


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Will there be royalty buried in this car park to be exhumed in years to come and interred at Holyrood Abbey?

Very few Scottish Kings are buried at Holyrood Abbey. Although James V was one
I've got it on my phone. Docs I view via links get downloaded automatically. Haven't a clue why it does that nor how to turn it off. Still it comes in handy for Bank statements etc..

0A's phone does that too, and I can't work out how to stop it. Galaxy S10+
We're almost starting to sound like members of the Scottish government.
Perhaps in an "alternative reality"? I'm sure I saw that expression somewhere today. On a newspaper cover perhaps. Did a quick search and found this :oops:


Doh! Found it:

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.... neither did I
Nor me, there is no entry in my diary for that period, I do not recall having done so and I never discuss day to day stuff with my wife who also recalls nothing.