Nicola Sturgeon - whither the SNP

Is Sturgeon's time as First Minister of Scotland coming to an end

  • Yes - she is dooomed

    Votes: 155 49.1%
  • No - this is just a storm in a tea cup

    Votes: 30 9.5%
  • Don't know

    Votes: 43 13.6%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 88 27.8%

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Bet yer bottom dollar that his answers were 'cleared' before he appeared.
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In some ways I feel sorry for ordinary folk over The Border … I just have a feeling that the SNP has become like a cancerous growth and will be difficult and painful to remove … we in England could very well have gone a similar way if Corbyn and his gang had won the 2019 General Election .
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Wasn’t it: 1 count thrown out before the case got to Court; 1 count ‘Not Proven’; and 11 or 12 counts ‘Not Guilty’.

ETA: There is a school of legal thought that says ‘Not Guilty’ is not necessarily synonymous with ‘Innocent’: ‘Not Guilty’ just means 12 of your peers have been persuaded you didn’t commit an act, even though you may have done.
It sounds as if this is the line Sturgeon is taking. Lawyers are thumbing through catalogues of luxury boat designs, and contacting LearJet.

Scottish jury has 15 folk on them.
My bets are on Salmond being silence in a timely manner... bugger, I mean committing suicide in a most fortunately timed .... bugger, I mean a most unfortunately timed accident.

Most likely being found dead from stranglewank in a cupboard or zipped up hold-all.
Wasn’t it: 1 count thrown out before the case got to Court; 1 count ‘Not Proven’; and 11 or 12 counts ‘Not Guilty’.
'The Scottish Verdict.' A throw back to the verdicts that were given long ago, in Scotland. Back then the verdicts were either proven, or not proven, ie not proven equated to the modern not guilty. For whateffer reason when things were modernised, the not proven verdict remained as a choice. Many think, as you've said, not proven means they just couldn't prove you guilty. On the other side of the same coin, you are innocent.
As has been pointed out, 15 jurors up by. Majority verdict counts, 8/7 whateffer way it's called. Not sure when a swinging case was concerned, but I'm sure someone will come along to enlighten us.
This is brilliant

SCOTLAND’S top prosecutor has told MSPs he was out of the loop when his department urged the censoring of Alex Salmond’s evidence to a Holyrood inquiry.

Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC said he was not consulted on the matter and only got a copy of controversial letter written by the Crown Office, the department he heads, after it was sent to parliament.

Then he should be getting booted at 0900

The Person who produced, and sent the letter to Parliament should be getting booted at 1000.

Anyone else involved in the production of said letter should be getting booted at 1100.

It is absolutely inconceivable that the LA was '' out the loop '' in a matter that could bring down not just Sturgeon but the whole Scottish Government.