Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Praetorian, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Right then chaps, after reading the oddest recruits thread, I felt that I had to create this!

    Best nicknames! Funniest one (I believe its been said on arrse before as a regular thing) I heard on a course was "Delmonte", because he always said yes to all the shit jobs!

    Any more for any more?

  2. I used to have a lad in my section we called 'The Beastmaster'.

    If you ever met his missus you'd know how he got his name.
  3. My mate goes under the nickname of Starbar, because hes thick and a bit nutty.
  4. we had a lad we called Tim - he was nice, but dim :)
  5. I know a guy called Trigger - so called (apparently) because he's a dustman (okay, not quite a roadsweeper), and is a little light in the head!
  6. I earned the name Colt (as in the stunt guy) because on my recruits course I was doubling to the cook house when I tripped and fell. But because of my martial arts training I managed to fall into a roll come right back up the other side and carried on running.
  7. and before anyone else says it...

    Chap called Gerber,

    he thinks it's coz he is useful in every situation,

    We know it is because he is a complete tool

  8. Foxpi$$ for the ginger guy at my unit...
  9. Curly - for a guy on our CMSR, having the most god awful mop of hair he couldn't get his beret on properly.

    Bit ironic now, the Recruiting Staff managed to bully him into getting a skinhead, but the name's stuck!
  10. Worked with a bloke we called Thrombo (thrombosis) as he was a slow moving clot.
  11. Had a bloke called "Lurch" spitting image & once you had a few beers in him would do the sound effects as well.
  12. I thought that one was for pissing the bed.....not that I'd know....
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    Your officer title on Facebook says differently :D