Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vegetius, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Unless you count "Oi, Fat Cnut!" as a nickname, I've never really had one.

    It is a minor regret in an otherwise reasonably satisfactory life so far. But I never got awarded one, that's the way it goes.

    So I was rather upset the other day to meet somebody (a thirty-seven year old man) who introduced himself by his nickname (juvenile, but some people have nicknames that almost completely overshadow their real one). I accepted this (somewhat enviously because I'd always wanted one of course) but later that week I spoke to a mate of his and asked where did the nickname come from? I was expecting a rather windswept and interesting dit about the origins of his moniker.

    "Oh he made it up," came the reply.

    That's right, he awarded himself a nickname.

    I felt cheated. Am I alone in thinking that giving yourself a nickname is the waltiest, saddest, wnakiest thing a man can do, excepting of course joining the RAF Regiment?

  2. You're right, It is sadder than being a Rock Ape. A nick-name should only be awarded to reflect a personality or an embarrasing moment of the recipient's life. (And 'Chalky' Whites, 'Dusty' Millers etc don't count!!)

    Edited 'cos I can't spell!
  3. You can't give your self a nickname it has to be something you earnt from an unfortunate mishap or a petname that your parents still call you to this day!
  4. .............or from a very embarrassing sexual liason.
    Or an amusing physical deformity, such as a cleft palate or at least one missing limb.
    Woggle Eye is a good one 'cos then you can nickname that person 'Woggle Eye', which they always find amusing...........secretly they are very pleased when you do this as it shows that you are taking an interest in them.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I feel slightly cheated that you haven't told us what his self-awarded nickname is, Veg? Not something along the lines of John 'Donkey Schlong' Smith by any chance?
  6. The navy are the worst at this kind of thing - everyone has a nickname.

    I once had the task of floating around on one of Her Majesty's boats for a few months and like the good Royal Signaller I was - I had a name badge - just in case I forgot it!!

    As I passed people in the corridor they all nodded and called me a name - something like 'snicker' - "hello snicker, how're you doin?" was a typical greeting. I had to ask - "why do you call me snicker?" "Cos everyone in the Navy with your surname is called snicker" I was told. "But I'm not in the Navy I yelled to deaf ears" - it spurred them on to call me it more often.

    Strange people!! :roll:
  7. Come on Veg - what name did he give himself???

  8. If thats your Legs then you have earnt your username!! :D
  9. My NickName came about because of my surname does that count?
  10. Your surname is Neopolitan Mastiff???????
  11. My nickname originated from an indiscression with a young lady who decided in th emorining to inform me she had forgotton her pill.

    This caused much mirth for a while with a certain callsign prevailing, even over tacnet! However, it faded away when i left and joined the civ div! Imagine the look on my face when at a reunian type party one of my old bessers shouted "oi ***** one" where you been and my wife asking why that strange man was calling me such names! Ho hum! (name not put here in the interest of persec and not wanting to start it all off again.!!)
  12. Who else would own them?!?!? :wink:
  13. I always get a nickname because my first name is so sh1te*. At the moment I have about 4.

    (*Not literally, it's just a bad name and non-chinese people can't say it correctly)
  14. For 2yrs at 10 REGT in Germany they all called me Bruce,
    because of the monty phython skit on aussies...
    But i,v been called a lot worse even had mong already on ere
    and havn,t been ere a week yet :lol:
  15. I would like to!! :lol: