Nicknames make you feel accepted...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by NickCarter, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. :D I was reading (and answering another thread) when I remembered my (non-army born) kids commenting on the strange names of my old mates at an engagement party we all had met up at..
    Big Jim,
    Flip Flop,
    Wing Nut,
    to name but a few... they had a point... :?

    Mine ... well that was "grand-dad"
    You could not "force" a nickname but once one stuck, you knew you were one of the gang..
    Nick Carter
  2. Kitten?

    bet he was fecking gutted.
  3. The story behind Kitten was that we had a mate called "Dog" which reflected his choice in women.. much anything that roamed the streets... when a young man fresh from training arrived and thought he would try to become "Dog2" he failed... not being hard core enough... so the embarrasing name of Kitten stuck instead.
  4. Stood on Sqn parade one morning and the SSM stood there with a clip board shouts out "Kennedy...what's your last three?"

    "E.D.Y. Sir!" replies Kennedy from the rear rank.

    And so it was.......E.D.Y. for the rest of his f*cking career.
  5. We forced some nick names on new guys when they came out of training, early 90’s.

    Sat around in Cyprus, one too many Special Brews and the FNG's were asking to be called by their first names. Few minutes later (it was very basic, primary colours) but they stuck. To this day there are still guys that answers to Blue and Red. Though Pink didn't stick funnily enough.
    Hello to them both if they read this.

    Another dit, sorry pull up a sand bag. Another guy is known as Ed. He used to get mail, bluies to MR E (insert surname), or Mr Edward etc. Funny really as his first name was Jason and Ed came from shortening forehead as he had a massive suede.
  6. RWF were all known as their "last two" as there were so many with the same name. In conversation, one says to me "you must know 27, he's 33's brother", it still makes me giggle. Ballykinler '85,'86, tour.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I shared Baruki with Will Odd 5 and numerous others, good lads though!
  8. as you can see my name is jewboy, and all my mates were banned at 3 div from calling me it when the pardre heard it and was QUOTE "HORRIFIED" that my troop sgt called me it in the bar on an ITD (MATT) training week away, the lesson on EO seemed to go in one ear and out the other
  9. Knew a guy nicknamed Kitten once.Rumour is he got the name from his missus who used to say he was so "tame in bed."

    Ironically, he got run over by a milk truck as he was crossing the street.Poor guy.
  10. Jawbone, Carpets, Hooch,
  11. Remember standing on parade for guard at 4 Div (Deutchland) and names being read out by duty sprog officer - CONCEPTION- here sir, I know your sister - MISS CONCEPTION - guard falls about laughing - next guy on the list was SIG STRANGE - say no more!
  12. dorkblatt

    About your sister. What's she like? IMMACULATE? :D

  13. In our LAD we had Noddy, Wacker,Flash, High Calibre,Doc, Chirpy, Ticky (Tightass), Jonah, Wally,Sexy Rexy,Blodwen and Busty not to mention Geordie and Scouse,

    High Calibre never lived down the EME saying prior to his posting in that we were getting a High Calibre NCO posted in to smarten us up.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Mine was Ugly shortened to Ug which honestly fitted as my depot nickname was in use when I got to bn. we had mack the Cat, a geordie with whiskers, Dingus after sean Dingus Magxx a player with a chin as large as that unlucky lads. Rezi after his parents answered the phone with "The Cxxxxxxrs residence" and a geordie to boot. Plenty of paddies who were actually welsh or from somerset, see dads army for that one!
  15. wasnt my sister - stay off the port!