nicknames for the two winged master race

Mighty Lynx Pilots are Pie Eaters, :)
Gazelle Pilots are Quiche eaters :D

What are AH pilots? :?:
We had a simialr thing in the RA Locating world

Surveyors ate Quiche

Sound Bangers ate Egg and Bacon Flan

I was a flan man and mighty proud of it an' all
Lesbians are women in comfortable shoes, therefore Aircrew are men in comfortable boots, or just fat bar stewards, the choice is yours. :D


Now Now Flash everyone knows Qmen are the best looking guys in the Regiment when I was an SQMS I was beating em off with a stick!! (Oh wait have I been sniffing glue again??)
Ref the Qman,

More like Penfold off Danger Mouse..........

seen any Daf's advertised on Ebay.....? :D
If baby pigs are called pigletts...................Does that make baby heamorhoids PILOTS?????????????
At Aldergrove I can remember going upto a Wo2 one of the two winged master race, who was in company with his wife and saying "that there is only one thing with two wings that is useful and its sits in ladies panties". he was not impressed his wife thought it histerical and (I think I ended up with two extras)
Lord Flashy,
Thats rich coming from you, why I remember seeing you at a function dressed as Batman you saddo.

And as for you Gulf one one.......who are you anyway. PM me if you dare

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