Nicknames for items of kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cuddles, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. I remember PML when I first heard pockets refererred to as "Gloves, officers', RA". Does anyone else have such gleaming bits of wit as applied to kit? :D
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Donkey's plonker
  3. Is that the ptarmigan Donkeys Plonker?

    There are a number of bits of Sigs kit named after fruit - pineapples and bananas spring to mind.

    Anyone know where the term "Noah Lead" came from?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Bob Marley
  5. Monkies 'n Parrots
  6. Comes from the Raj (as with lots of Army slang) - refers to kit that hangs off you (bergans etc) and stuff you put over your shoulder (rifles etc).

    There is also a view that this expression derives from St Basil discussing the importance of the catechism:

    I have to say I think that's a load of b0llocks. Soldiers are like children??? Preposterous notion! ;)

    My bits of kit names:

    1. Crisp bag = pre-goretex 'waterproof' - yeah right! Does anyone remember the green ones (reserved for Warrant Officers only in 1 unit I served in - good to see the moral component being adhered to there!) or the really odd waterproofs with the black rubber lining?

    2. John Wayne = shiny loo roll in older 24 hr rat packs.
  7. Maggots = Sleeping System

    And my personal Favourite is " SCREECH " orange, lemon powder! I can still taste it just by saying the word!
  8. Darth - the black lined waterproofs were anti static and for use by those handling POL etc. As opposed to the crisp packets, which generated huge levels of static.

    Donkey's Dick - nozzle for sucking fuel into a bowser.
    Two man, twin fan aluminum (sp) pursuit ship - Tornado F3
    Two palm trees fcuking a bus - Chinook
    Contra-rotating death banana - Chinook
    gonk - sleeping bag
  9. Nigger's toothbrush - wire brush, large in panzer toolkit.
  10. .............and the good old black nasty!!!!!
  11. Donkey dick = any rubber antenna (gets around abit this one i notice!)
    Doss bag = sleeping system.
    Tom = Best bit of kit we have, by far!!
  12. Hegdehog - for connecting all the phones up
  13. Harry Black- Gaffa tape
  14. Mash (i.e. sledge) Hammer, for 'mashing stuff' obviously.....
  15. Noddy Suit......

    Ration assassin - chef

    Food repair kit - HP sauce (or tobasco sauce)

    Daps - trainers

    No Dads - ARMY issue trainers