Discussion in 'RAC' started by BadNewsBrown, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. I was unluckily nicknamed Bad News within the first week of joining the Regiment, mainly cause I was probably the first one to info the lads if they were (to be Charged, given Extras or generally in the Sh*t, not a n ame Im proud of but there were some far worse nicknames than mine, lets hear some of your beauties?
  2. orville after the little green duck as the sqn never had an orville even the family calls me that now
  3. Vera...
    Given to me on my first day by the SSM. Everyone thought it was my real name for months on end.
    Didn't follow me though, thank God!
  4. Huey as I used to puke quickly on the beer and it goes well with my second name.
  5. Blimey
    First SSM named me 'notso' in contradiction to my Surname when I refused to fall for the old "tighten these MBT roadwheel nuts with this (LR) wheelbrace". trick some nigs used to fall for along with the old "Ere, whip down Tech and get a new bubble for the Field Clino" Which, incidently failed one day when RQMS(T) 3RTR actually issued one!
    Anyway, then came this whisky bottle at Rheinsehlen incident, during which half 9Troop reckoned they could insert said bottle up my rectal passage............but, due to their drunken vision and inability to "drop one go on!" they said I had to many arses - hence Arthur 3 Bums! Not sure where the Arthur bit came in......................may have been a Westcountry thing to do with Monty Python....................bit confused..............feck it, off to me bed!!!!
  6. I am not even going to ask WHY :sweatdrop:

    Well my nickname was Biffo as In Biffo the Bear, hence my avatar, got named it at Hitler Youth, after an abseiling trip in 1st term.
  7. pup,,, youngest trooper,, come here pup,,, get that pup...been pup ever scince,, even mum now calls me pup...
  8. Simple - when drunk grown men do the strangest things for a beer - ask Banjotrooper he was by far the strangest!!!!!
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I think you were unluckily named Bad News Brown because, as we have already established, there already was a Cpl Brown who answered to the name Bad News and it was easier than making you up a new nickname.

    Just like the trooper who was forever known as HESH even though he never had a round dropped on his head, unlike his senior rank namesake who, as I was led to believe, DID once have one dropped on his head.


    They didn't want me in the RAC because I had an A Level and tried to get me into the RMP (they succeeded, but only until I told them where to stick their truncheons). Second time I enlisted, I didn't move until I was guaranteed a seat in the RAC.

    This smart-arrsed fower-eyed, freckly ginger-minger rolls up in Omagh as a reinforcement and is set to be the butt of all jokes forever if he allows them to get to him. So out on patrol one day about a week into my own personal tour, Jock (fifteen years, two regiments - having opted out of the Greys IIRC when they amalgamated with the Carabiniers - and a LCpl already) makes a profound statement in the back of the LandRover, then pointedly looks at me so see if I am have any opinion on the matter. "... and what do YOU have to say about that ... ?"

    He meant to call me Brains, he went to call me Goggles. For the next seven years I was known to all ranks (including the man who was CO when I left) as Boggles.
  10. mines boring just plain "mr" had a few flakey bad dandruff spell on my b3 course also had slap off my first ssm and now just plain dan
  11. Snake - Bit boring, but it goes with the surname.
    During my recce troop days, i was known as Bolt Loose.
    Think that's cause i wasn't quite right in the head !!
    And then there was the time I was called 'TrackPin' for a while, but that's another story....
  12. After careful consideration...... fcuk it.

    Exercise Avon Express ( 1977 ) had me shut down in the cab for nearly two weeks constant. The casualty for this was my poor old feet. They absolutely Reeked :pig: Stunk half of Tidders out. Someone commented my feet were like a lepers ( Rotten ) and it bleddy stuck :thumbdown:
    So Leper it was!
    Did wanders for my career..... Not!
    There was another with the same nick name but I don't know how he got it.

    I named a few others though ( Lets face it with a niki like mine no one could say much )
    Odd, Bod, Swingfire and a few more.
  13. I met that Jock when you lot were in Paderborn. Irritating c*nt he was.
  14. It always amused me when some 'Rupert's' and their wives referred to one of the lads as 'Isaac Hunt' ( even the C.O. ) :donut:
  15. Not my nickname, but there was a guy recently left the AAC nicknamed Thrush - as in irritating ttwwwaaaatttt :thumleft: