Nick nick nicked! Jim Davidson arrested as part of Yewtree.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ashford_old_school, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Jim Davidson bailed in abuse inquiry

    Jim Davidson presented BBC's Generation Game for seven years
    Comedian Jim Davidson is one of two men arrested and bailed by the Met Police on suspicion of sexual offences.

    Officers from Operation Yewtree, set up in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, arrested Mr Davidson in west London earlier on Wednesday.

    Mr Davidson's solicitor said his client - who has been bailed to return in March pending further inquiries - "vigorously denies" the alleged crimes.

    A 53-year-old man was also arrested in Hampshire and subsequently bailed.

    Scotland Yard said the arrests were not connected to the allegations made against ex-BBC presenter Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84.

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  2. Your school is so old its out of date you daft sod, everything related to ex tv potential paedo's is in the jimmy saville thread now.

    After all, he was the leader of the gang.
  3. I thought that was Gary Glitter.
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  4. This was 25 years ago when the women were in their 20s - at this time, very dubious to say the least.

    Trust the media to link it in with Saville's Child Abuse allegations (that I also doubt - the majority of anyway) before and after releasing more details. Sensationalism sells.
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  5. I think the paedo cunt was singing about Saville, or not?

    I am still of the opinion that Jim Davidson, Garry Glitter, Bob Carolgees, Max Clifford and Dave Lee Travis were all the ringleaders of a dangerous and sucessful paedo ring who lured innocent and mental Saville in with promises of virgins.

    Its no coincidence that at the time of maddies dissapearance, Albufera had a Little Britain show hosted by Davro, promoted by Clifford, music by DLT and 'comedy' provided by Davidson and Carolgees to raise funds for Savilles ill health.

    Of course, this may not have happened, but why let the truth get in the way of a good rumour?
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  6. No, it was already done in the Jimll fix it thread three times, none of which got a like, probably because even when Davidson said it as a joke, no fucker laughed!
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  7. I dare say you could pin something on most blokes if you went through their history finely enough. I feel sorry for the bloke. He's done a lot for the forces.

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  8. Hold on... Bob Carolgees? A fiddler?
  9. No idea,but I once saw him fisting a dog.
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  10. That makes me mad enough to Spit.
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  11. I sincerely hope Mr Carolgees isn't a fiddler. It seems like everyone who was on telly in the early 80s is winding up in Chokey - it's only a matter of time before Operation Yewtree claims this bloke:

    Mr Benn Intro - YouTube

    The shifty bastard.
  12. Surely its only a matter of time..
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  13. Women are less likely to be arrested, charged or convicted for this type of naughtiness because their victims are less likely to be believed at every stage. Women don't do that type of thing, you see.