Nick Griffin survives coup ...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Charm_City, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. ... and apparently requires police protection. Good stuff, the dribblers fighting among themselves.

    I notice Nick has acquired many of the traits of a real politician

  2. IVV (Nick) will be along shortly defending himself and his expenses :)

    The more they fight amongst each other the better as far as I am concerned
  3. Who would have guessed....
  4. Unlike you lot I refuse to vote for any party whose leadership is guilty of corruption whatever that party is, IF the allegations of financial irregularities are true then my vote will go elsewhere. having said that, it probably means I will have little option but to withold my vote as I fear all political parties are inherently corrupt.

    The caveat is of course that Searchlight is effectively a labour party funded organisation so any statements made must be considered a falsehood unless proven otherwise by independent investigation. I would trust these people as much as I would trust Whet to get a proper job.

    If I didn't know better I'd say there was an election in the offing.

    But as I said, if true my vote is up for grabs for what its worth.
  5. I don't recall Griffin's performance being 'disastrous', and in fact thought he put up a credible face for his supporters, other than being a bit sweaty and prone to grinning and grimacing under pressure. Many, many of our vile Labour and Conservative representatives (of their personal fortunes) have done far worse.

    Face this: the British political landscape is a bombsite. The filthy self-serving brutes who now seem to largely inhabit it have devastated a belief amongst us that British Parliamentary traditions - of whatever colour - may have been honourable, driven by principle and without commercial prejudice.

    I would welcome a huge Independent, or even BNP presence in our talking shop, if only to take cricket bat to the collective heads of the major parties.

    But better, they should go. All of them. New ideas, new ways. No stupid suits.
  6. Well put WhiskeyBreath.

    I have often said that whilst I dislike the BNP I would love to see them gain a seat or two, if nothing else it's a big f*ck you to the liberal establishment that has lied to us and been in denial about this country's problems for many years.

    I would also agree that Nick Griffen came across quite well on question time, it was a complete set-up by the BBC, it was like pantomime with heckling and jeering every time he spoke, but he held it together very well.

    The problem arises though when the BNP have anywhere near a realistic chance of getting into power, they are mostly just former NF racist mongs and that would be hard for even the biggest BNP supporter to deny.
  7. Well its nice to see that the Tory shadow home secretary is now being vilified for daring to suggest that owners of B&B's who are Christian shouldn't be forced to accept gay customers in their homes.

    Wont be long before ANY political party will be allowed ANY policies that dont comply with the minority mob.
  8. Absolute balls-you run a business? Then comply with the law.
    You want to discriminate? Keep your view to yourself and don't expect to make money out of it
  9. What? Like these people?
  10. So, what's wrong with diversity?

    Or do you just not like darkies?
  11. Why is it absolute balls, how is the Tory MP not complying with the law, or running a business?

    Or can you not tell the difference between an MP and a BnB owner?

    I personally could not care less if a couple of queens want to shack up in a BnB for a bit of bumlove, but your rant fails by being aimed at the wrong person.
  12. Cock, my rant was not aimed at the MP.

    However, in his position he has a responsibilty to fit in with the law.

    0/10 for comprehension, and to be quite honest I can't be bothered to explain if you can't get your grey matter moving...
  13. More to the point, is it not the function of our politicians to debate the rights and wrongs of the law?
  14. And what is wrong with the law?
  15. I thought it was his responsiblity to raise debate on the law?