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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BiscuitsAB, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Just watching Adam Bolton interview Nick Griffin and if I was the government I'd very concerned Griffin is coming over very coherently he isnt rising to the bait that bolton keeps throwing in front of him.

    And i've just seen they are fielding 300 candidates.
  2. Oh Dear!!
  3. The ONLY way that the 3 main parties will deal with the issues is if they start losing seats to the BNP. Only when THEIR income and seat on the gravy train is threatened will they act.

    I really don't want them in government... but really think we need a few of them in Parliament just to set the cat amongst the pigeons.
  4. Let's be honest about it, the BNP would be a disaster for the UK in so many different ways. We'd quickly be isolated from much of the world as they would refuse to do buisness with us just for starters.

    The only reason the BNP are even getting a look in is the simple fact that none of the main parties seem to have no real interest in the issues that many people have over immigration. It's not just things like too many forigners taking jobs (although many of them do jobs that Brits simply won't do anymore), but things like someone coming over from Poland and then being able to claim benefits for their familiy back in Warsaw. It might be within the letter of the law, but it doesn't seem to be within the spirit of it, and that's what people are fed up of.

    GB got caught out calling someone a bigot because they brought up the subject of immigration, I think that GB was unlucky, it could easily have been either of the other two that got caught out.

    Nick Griffin is a fruit loop in my opinion, but if we are not careful his party will gain seats and then the trouble will really start.

    Protest votes for the BNP are not the way ahead, but I fear that people will vote for them for just that reason!
  5. Without Nick Cleggs electoral reform the BNP haven't a hope of a seat.
  6. Well said Sir.
  7. I think both BNP and UKIP are proving vital for the democratic health of the country.

  8. ssshhhhhh don't tell Cpunk 8O
  9. I agree. The others are just so f*cking complacent and mealy mouthed. They need a rocket up their arses.
  10. Yer roit! An' sure as don't tedd in on me! For your man cpunk has a call an' all as to us Micks. :lol:

  11. I have just been to Skiptons hustings. If the BNP candidate is an example of their best then the country has nothing to fear. The same can be said of the UKIP member.
  12. I could say the same about my local Lib Dem candidate.

    I disagree with everything that the BNP stands for but I will defend to the death their (and your) right to be complete cunts.

    On the whole, though, I do hate the fact that you and people of your ilk lump the BNP and UKIP together. They are very different parties and UKIP is probably the most Libertarian party out there (obviously apart from the Libertarian Party ;-) ).

    You are the best advert for not voting LD.

  13. Jesus, they must be bad if you think they are, or did you fall asleep and dream it all?
  14. Hmmmmmmmm

    The only way that I have lumped theBNP and UKIP together is in that their candidates in the constiuency of Skipton and Ripon were terrible - down to not knowing the policies of their two parties.