Nick Griffin Incurs The Wrath of The RBL

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer (c) Y Grauniad

    Read this at the weekend, did a quick search and couldn't find a mention here.

    It appears that in addition to being a monocular fascist, that, Mr Griffin has no manners. He was asked, politely and privately, to desist from politicising the poppy - he has signally failed to do so. Hence the open letter.
  2. Well we all know that the BNP has no moral fibre so I aint suprised. Shame really.
  3. Lol, who is going to try and slag off the BNP next?

    Any publicity is good publicity - I bet Nick G is loving it.
  4. Thats because he is a fcuking prick who needs a deportation notice to Hmd Prov!
  5. Prick maybe but he is growing in popularity whereas the mainstream's popularity having tried their best to ruin our country over the past 50 odd years is shrinking.
  6. Gaining the criticism of the RBL over the misuse of their trademark is good publicity, are you mentally handicapped?
  7. Not in the slightest but maybe you are with your obvious ignorance of marketing. Go and do a marketing course and you will understand, otherwise, don't bother trying to be clever.
  8. Well its just marketing thats ok then. :roll: c0ck
  9. You seem to have a problem with either me or the thought that you may just be wrong. You don't have to have a default setting to insult/abuse what you don't understand you know. This thread and many others like it on different sites, the news stories, column inches etc just prove the theory, any publicity is good publicity!
  10. Just all a load of shite, many will be for, and many against.
    So whats the point?
    All this will do is cause a thread lock?
  11. Sorry I'm too busy doing something useful to do a marketing course, idiot.
  12. I posted a link to the BNP version of events on the last BNP thread that was locked. I can't be bothered to fetch the link now, but the BNP had a rather vicious attack on the RBL - which apparently is now controled by the government, and has a PC agenda. Oh, also according to the site, the RBL have dropped the Royal part of their title, because they are pro-government, and hate the troops and Royal Family...
  13. Well done to the RBL ,Can they also ask him not to use the union jack flag also please .
  14. Gents I know this is going to attract fire my way but why don't you stop slagging each other off and actually use the forum to debate and question your own and others beliefs in a constructive manner.

    If not get a grip and stop stealing oxygen.
  15. AFA96 wrote
    Marketing, it's the new rocket science.

    Gary Glitter may disagree with you when he receives his next royalty cheque.

    Griffin won't gain any fans from the 'don't knows' by disregarding a reasonable request from the RBL.