Nick Griffin found NOT Guilty of race hate crimes...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. BNP leader Nick Griffin has been found not guilty of race hate crimes

    Just heard it on the beeb

  2. From the article:

    I suppose his cribbing from "Braveheart" here has a certain degree of irony.
  3. Yeah, it was a bit cringe worthy :oops:
  4. I would love to know the make up of the jury. People may not agree but I have never spoken with a white Briton who has a good word to say about Muslims so you can bet your life that a lot of the jury feel the same regardless of the evidence or lack of it?

    When you consider Leeds/Bradford has a large Asian community how many of the jury were from that community?

    On a personal level and being a black, homosexual, left wing trade unionist myself, I am more worried about the BNP ever getting power than the Muslims. Mind you, both are against what I stand for aren't they?

    P.S. I lied about being a black homosexual left wing trade unionist. Well some of it. 8)
  5. I am not surprised at the verdict, there seems to be a slow turning tide, over the past week several Muslim men have be found guilty of crimes. What Griffin said outside the court was right in that after the immigration after WW2 nthe immigrants intergrated into British Society.

    This is true, they have and have become productive meners of society. I dont want the BNP to get in as I would be part of their deportation plans as would my immediate family.
  6. Does anybody think they have a realistic prospect of getting any type of MP elected? Westminster is clearly a non-starter for them but I do wonder about the Scottish, Welsh and Euro parliaments where the electorate do seem to be more willing to empower nutters.
  7. Worked for the Nazis given time and enough propaganda. Full employment helps after a terrible depression of course. Don't forget to silence the opposition by putting them in concentration camps. Never say never, god help us.

  8. Picture of the Nick Griffin jury just in....

  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yo Bro, slip me some skin, Comrade - see you at the Gay Pride march in Jerusalem then ?

    ( just a reminder that bigotry comes in ALL shapes, sizes and religions.....)

    hey ho, off for mandatory Diversity training this month...ah the joys of life as a Satsuma*.....

    Le Chevre

    * like a Mandarin - but with fewer pips.....
  10. Don't know just how much there is in that thing about the oxygen of publicity
    but I just wonder whether ignoring these bstards might not be the best way of treating them. They can never amount to anything at Westminster and even the Jocks and Taffs wouldn't let them get anywhere there either. Every case seems to give them the soapbox for more - quite frankly - idiotic viewpoints. Comparing them to having the effects that the Nazis enjoyed is not realistic - we all now know what NS is all about and there is no fascination or political situation that needs their crap input.
  11. hahaha, thats classic :D

    i think its right that he was not found guilty as parts of what he said were true, plus muslims say that and worse and get away with it.

    if they want this country to work, whites, blacks, yellows, blues what ever should all have the same rights and laws.

    muslims should take the veils off, we dont walk around with a motor bike helmet on, or go to meetings and leave the helmet on??! or do you?!?!?
    im sure your boss would have something to say!! but because they are muslim its "racist!!"

  12. The problem is conservative (small 'c'), middle class views on race, religion, immigration are stifled from public representation as 'racist' etc. Thus the conservative (small 'c') populace's feelings on this matter (which by public representatives standards ARE racist etc) can only be expressed by these idiots on the fringe. Thus they gain support in the less important local elections, not only for their more moderate rantings, but inadvertently for their disgraceful opinions. This is not the case in the general elections when the totality of what they represent (or don't) is considered.
  13. Griffin and his party are oxygen thieves of the highest order. I have no time for religious/racial intolerance from anyone, perhaps we should just load them all into a bus and drive it off a cliff...
  14. The irony is that if they dropped the racial aspect completely, they'd get a lot more support. They have a whole raft of simplistic feel-good policies that appeal to the more basic instincts in all of us. Things like locking up rapists and throwing away the key and giving OAPs free winter heating and discounted food etc would all win votes and are totally feasible. Controlling immigration is no bad thing either. After all, every other country in the world does it without letting in 500 people a day, so why can't we? I would put good money on the fact that Labour's 'new' immigration policy and for that matter the Tories too, is a carbon copy of what the BNP has been saying for years.

    However BNP politics stop there, and they don't have a clue about grown up things like the economy or defence. Give them the reins of power and it'd be like that Russian pilot that let his son take the controls for a couple of vertical miles. Chuck in the fact that they actually hate people for no better reason than the colour of their skin (I'd love to see them explain the logic of that), and they have much chance of getting to number 10 as that Russian pilot has of winning an award for responsible parenting.

    But all these things pale into insignificance. The reason they won't get into power isn't because they have an adolescent view of the world, and isn't because they for the most part have the brains of gerbils. No, it's because Nick Griffin is the most repulsive looking human being, with the most repulsive body language in the world. His revolting politics are just a bonus.
  15. there defence policy is based on national service and assualt rifles for all obviously blacks' muslims jews gays jehovah witness's and anybody they don't like won't be getting one :evil:
    sounds attractive in a drunk state but not a sober policy :twisted: