Nick Griffin BNP on BBC news at 10

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lewiscollins, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Just watching this guy campaigning on the news and he is being shadowed everywhere by a guy in deserts?

    WTF is that about?
  2. Cheers...
  3. Any ex-serviceman who is authorised to wear uniform is to conform in all respects to the same rules and regulations that govern the wearing of uniform for serving individuals as detailed in Army Dress Regulations and Queen’s Regulations. This prohibits any individual from wearing uniform on any occasion when it would harm the reputation or impartiality of the Army and particularly applies to political activities and taking part in demonstrations, rallies and the like.

    Looks like someone needs his wrist slapped although if he was on some sort of gay rights mince he'd be fine.
  4. It leaves a really sour taste in my mouth that so many are even considering voting for this shower when these are the same t&&ts that hailed Johnson Beharry's VC as political correctness, and that Ghurkas are mecenaries who should not be granted settlement rights. With so many Comonwealth and non-white british soldiers serving in Afghanistan, I think it is a disgrace that people believe their policies are sound. Look at what they are actually advocating. Read their litrature, their history. What was the point of WW2 if most people want a similar structure here 60 odd years on.

    At times like this I really do think democracy is not for the people.
  5. I agree with almost everything you've said. However to suppress their right to be heard would only fuel their 'victim' agenda.
  6. Perhaps if we allowed open debate about subjects such as immigration, gay rights, national pride and identity, equal rights and such like we might be able to snatch the debate away from the likes of the BNP.

    In the current climate any raising of the subject is met by endless screetching from various left-wing focussed groups. Mainstream parties are too frightened of being labelled as some sort of racist/homophobic/rightist/islamaphobic/europhobic/radical, so they avoid debating subjects that genuinely worry the electorate.

    In the absence of genuine debate, a small number of people will turn to the lunatic fringe of both left and right wing persuasion. We need to accept that some people may have different views to our own and that they should not be pilloied for making those views heard. The best counter to the racist and putrid bile of the BNP is to let it be heard loud and clear. The people who march, protest, riot and shout them down are just as bad most of the time.
  7. It's you, isn't it IVV - or should I say Mark?
  8. Well as I hardly wear my uniform ON duty... I'm hardly likely to wear it off duty am I... Mandy.
  9. In that case it must be your mother standing in for you
  10. Couldn't be mine as she's dead... couldn't be yours as she's working down the docks doing favours for latvian Truck drivers. No wonder you are so pro immigrant... theyre keeping your mum in pearl necklaces.
  11. In that case it IS you and you're telling porkies about your service.
  12. I never tell porkies about my service... sober... when in the company of a female however (Thats a member of the opposite sex... you may have heard of them) I reserve the right to embellish and behave in a caddish manner in order to take beastly liberties with their knees in the back of the cinema.
  13. You have to lie to BNP groupies?
  14. Well you lie to your boyfriend Parapuke when you tell him you ain't HIV positive... I just wonder which one of you wears the skirt?

    Oh by the way... you aren't really narcoleptic... its just that youre such a boring Cnut you even send yourself to sleeep.