Nick Clegg, politician, hypocrite and liar.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chef, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. Don't know if this has surfaced elsewhere, but the nice Mr Clegg, avowed atheist and sworn scourge of faith schools is planning on send his spfog to the Oratory school erstwhile haunt of Blair's deposits. This is justified on the grounds of his wife's Catholicism. Despite there being a Catholic faith school nearer to his house.

    I know two-faced lying polititco is synonymous with honourable member, and following the example set by Diane 'All black mothers do whatever it takes' Abbotts journey into private education, Blair's sending his there as well, I wonder how an alledgedly faith based school, funded by the taxpayer can square away denying a local sprog a place in favour of a a non-religious, liar who has not been to any church in a while.
  2. Who cares, most parents try and get their kids into the best school they can, regardless of religious denomination. Lets face it less than 5% of Christians regularly attend a church. Really can't see the story here.
  3. Nick Clegg, politician, hypocrite and liar.

    Redundant words are redundant?
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  4. I agree with up to this point I am not the one saying; on the one hand faith schools are bad whilst on the other doing my damndest to get my sprog into the very thing I profess to abhor and wish to eliminate. This man is instrumental in forming laws that rule our lives. Can you really reconcile his actions with his words? I can't, he'll say anything to get his seat, and ignore his own pldeges and promises once in.

    How much would it cost to buy such a creature? Big businesses have large amounts of money and larger influences. Formula one, a million pounds, and a stay on ciggy adverts. Ring any bells?
  5. In my view, there should be no Faith schools, everyone should attend the same schools, maybe its just me, but I do fear outsiders using faith schools to some how brainwash the population to their likings and ideals.

    However, its a secular demoracy, everyone is entitled to send their children where they want.
  6. In a secular democracy the state should not be funding faith schools, if parents want their kids tutored so then they should fund it themselves.

  7. Still struggling to build up any steam on this one. Politico says on thing, then does another, no news there.

    You do know the names of Clegg's kids don't you? That should give you a bit of a hint as to who says where the kids go to school.
  8. Jesus, hell has just frozen over (if it existed), I sorta agree with you.
  9. "Nick Clegg, politician, hypocrite and liar."

    You missed out ****
  10. It may not be news that a politician turns out to be a hypocrite, but I am surprised you can't get steamed up. Politicians who back comprehensive, non-secular education for the rest of us but clearly don't think that is good enough for their own children should either change their policies or resign. Yes, all parents should do their best for their children, but most don't then condemn everyone else for doing the same thing.

    They complain about 'pushy middle class parents' moving close to 'good' schools, and so introduce a lottery - presumably to seed the sink-estate schools with a few middle class children, in order to try to drive up the standard across the piece. However, it will take longer than the average school career to make any difference - so a generation gets f*cked over in the name of equality.

    Bring back Grammar Schools, assisted places and technical schools and accept finally that comprehensive education is a failure built on a socialist misconception that equality must be enforced, rather than built on providing equality of opportunity. If people fail to take that opportunity up, either through their own failure or their parent's failure that is their choice. Don't drag the rest of the kids down so that all can be equal at the lowest common denominator.
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  11. What, can the Devil speak true?
  12. WTF are you dribbling on about? A lot of comprehensive schools are very successful.

    A couple near me easily compete with so called selective schools.
  13. Yes, a lot of 'comprehensive' schools are very successful....but if you conduct a demographic study of them you will find that they aren't that comprehensive. Perhaps because the middle classes have all moved into the catchment area and, through being 'pushy' have improved standards.
  14. It's easy to say who cares and that's a reasonable point of view. My view though is that Clegg is an elected member of Parliament and part of his job is to set an example and to not appear as a hypocrite. I know that's a tall order for a politician but there are some principles that are easier to stick to than others. Where you send your kids to school is one of the easy one's in my book.

    Of course, he want's the best for his kids, don't we all and he could have found a good school that was in line with his espoused political views and would have provided a good education for his children. Sadly although it's nowhere near the scale of his change of heart when he agreed to sell out students in exchange for his new job, it's further confirmation of his lack of principle.

    In his defence, many other M.P.'s from across the political spectrum have made similar choices for their children in contrast to their publicly avowed statements on what is best for the rest of us. Nice to see he is holding onto his record of backtracking on matters of just about everything that he held dear to his heart prior to the last general election.
  15. The point is Leveller that I am rather in favour of our leaders leading by example, rather than the; do as I say not do as I do policy, that most of them seem to adhere to.

    Do you recall the proposal for a database for all children, to be accessible to a mere 40,000 civil sevants of one sort or another? We were told it would be completely secure, no worries. But the children of the rich and famous, and MPs would be in a different system.

    Yes I have no doubt that there are good compo schools about, mostly ones that operate a streaming system of some sort. I just get pissed off by MPs wrecking the school system whilst sending their sprogs to private or the best compos, which would mean that some local kid misses out on a place so Clegg can get his spawn into it.

    How many MPs have private health care, claimed on expenses? NHS good enough for the hoi-poloi, but not us.