Nick Clegg is....

Whoops we forgot all about Cleggster. Must give equal coverage. So....

...a dishonest mendacious political opportunist who will say or do anything, and with equal ease backtrack on same, if it helps in the slightest to maintain the LimpDems slimy snout in the political trough or sustain his position.

If that involves gifting powers to Europe (which not that long ago would have resulted in a deeply unpleasant death for treason) so be it, because he is so far up the arrse of the Great European Political Experiment and all that goes with it that if Herman Van Rompuy opens his mouth you can see Clegg looking out (and speaking Dutch, as it happens.....)

Nick Clegg insists on speaking Dutch at Cabinet Office meeting - Telegraph
...Shamlessly selling all his party's core values down the toilet just to stick to some romantic notion that he holds some sort of power in the present Government
Clegg is something of a human roadblock to anything logical regarding the wishes of the electorate and is therefore a ******* liability in government and indeed in the UK generally.
Clegg is the current kingmaker and likely to remain so in 2015. The fact is that Cameron was too shit to score when presented with an open goal.

Clegg could have bottled it in 2010 by avoiding coalition but he didn't. He does appear however to have been a piss poor negotiator because his blokes got none of the really plum jobs. All the big ones - Health, Education, Defence, Home Office, Foreign Office and Justice have been left firmly in Tory hands and the Exchequer ultimately keeps Cable in check.

I think he is a weasel but he was left with little choice.
Mr Clegg is a non-entity who won the universal non-entities 'Who the fcku's he?' award three times in a row in the same year, the non-entities having forgotten who it was they voted for not once, but twice after the main event.

Sorry, what was his name again?

At least Clegg will be able to get a good book deal when he's pushed out or resigns.
What a pension that'll be for him.
That's assuming he has the inside track like Lord Voldemort did in Labour. I suspect the only secret meetings he gets to sit on are the ones in which biscuit budgets for meetings are discussed.
...Shamlessly selling all his party's core values down the toilet just to stick to some romantic notion that he holds some sort of power in the present Government
Liberal party core values..........mmmmhhhhhhhh.......!

.......would that be declaring war on the Kaiser.......for sneezing at France perhaps.....

..........beating and starving suffragettes..........with a liberal helping of misuse of police and judicial powers........

.....the banning of all types of music not deemed to be classical music...........or the engagement of hit men to eradicate untidy gay untidily dropping them in the Thames?
I could post this in any of the treads but this will do. Politics the word can be broken down into two seperate words.
Poli meaning parrot
Tic a type of bug.
So anyone in politics is a creepy little thing that talks a load of rubbish.
Nick Clogg, another Sixth Form Geek, and Cheer Leading Political Fifth Columnist for EU-rine Land and Brussels. Perhaps he is a pal of Herman Van Rumpledfourskins, whose own family member call him a 'Clown', so it has been alleged.

all like Blair, quite hapy to flog off the Blightys Utilities and crown Jewels to the highest bidders so they can dine at Top Table with the Bilderburgs and Bansksters of the World, along with all other Incredibly rich Folks...... while us, the peasants weat and toil our lives away wondering what our Illustrious bampots of Politicians are going to do next for an encore....


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