Nick Clegg, Global Communications Director for Facebook

I love hypocrisy; Nick Clegg, now earning a fortune from Facebook, [from Guido] speaking earlier: “I actually find the messianic Californian new-worldy-touchy-feely culture of Facebook a little grating. Nor am I sure that companies such as Facebook really pay all the tax they could.”

What changed your mind, Nick?
How much is FB paying him? I suggest he's done ok for himself.

Was there any other reason for him getting into politics other than self interest?
Director at Facebook? $ 200,000 would be my low end guess...more likely 300,000 plus benefits for a high profile twat like Clegg.
I rather think that it is the British electorate who can rightfully claim the credit for that.
True, but he may well have found himself a ‘safe’ (if such a thing exists!) Lib Dem seat at the next General Election, so we must be thankful to the Facebook Board of Directors for saving us from that at least!
Yeah right, cheers for your input - I didn’t think those type of words were allowed in here, I should have put it in the NAAFI so I could respond in kind. Prat.
You’re welcome. It’s unfortunate you need people to manage your expectations in life, because clearly you can’t.
You’re welcome. It’s unfortunate you need people to manage your expectations in life, because clearly you can’t.
I manage my life very well thank you. You know sweet FA about me, although I know a lot about you, as I’ve been around here for a while. I’ve expressed my admiration for you too on a number of occasions, although I suspect that doesn’t bother you one way or the other. What I will say is Jealousy was the last thing on my mind when I posted this thread. Goodnight.
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I dont begrudge any man earning, however.

Its startling hypocrisy to take this job considering Facebooks tax statues around the world, but then thats liberals hypocrites to a man.

Nick clearly thinks he can clean up Facebook and get it on message, his message, watch either Facebook suffer or his ambitions shot down.

Finally this does not change the fact he,s a sulky bitch that fancied a crack at leader of the EU and all those plans have exploded in his face.
Facebook hires Nick Clegg as head of global affairs

Oh well, at least it keeps him out of British Politics for the foreseeable future, the smug, pretentious prick. :smile:
At least he is not going to be head of Censorship. I am sure his pension as a former Eurocrat is dependent on him never criticising the EU. How this was compatible with being an MP and representing constituents is beyond me.
The same Nick Clegg that was a critic of Facebook both for not paying sufficient tax, and for loss of privacy issues. The hypocritical tosser.
More hypocritical than that:
He, and his party, have been telling is for decades that the UK can only exist if we trade, lock stock and barrel, with the EU. Suddenly it's possible for a UK citizen to get a job with a US company. Quelle surprise.

Mind you, he did stop Brown staying in Downing Street. Only useful thing the Lib Dems ever did.


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Nice to see one can still get a decent job without having to be in any way qualified for it, or for anything else for that matter.
None of this answers the great unanswered question I have been seeking the answer to ever since Clegg popped up as the 'leader' of the LibDem Policy Free Party...

  • What is the point of Nick Clegg?

I sometime wonder if thing like crane flies have a point - are they necessary to anything or are they totally pointless. Is Nick Clegg as pointless as a crane fly? More so? Less so? What is the point of Nick Clegg?
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He literally is Brexiting out of UK and EU politics. The irony.

No he isn't, He will be advising Facepalm on which global content to ban and which content to promote, "Peoples Losers Vote" ring any bells, nice timing.
This stinks more than an EU army being a "Dangerous fantasy"or not increasing university costs being fresh in memory.
Anybody has been given proof of social media pushing fake news/misinformation on a golden platter, A known liar and politically biased shill in charge of what people see on social media, Let that sink in.

The plus side is more millennials will start to critically question what they support, which has been a long time coming and a good thing IMO.

If I had a pound for every lie Nick Clegg told I wouldn't have to take out a student loan
- Some British Student 2017

This could prove to be a tasty topic in the coming year ;)
Should be getting around 7 figs, with all benefits and stock thrown in.
Hopefully 7.62 with plenty of scope, stock and bipod thrown in!

Do we have any "disappearing" specialists based at the Embassy like the saudis:rofl:

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