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Q: I purchased a Chris Huhne once and left it in the living room. Came back 10 mins later and it had melted into a pool of Mazola. How do I know that this Nick Clegg won't do the same? 09-May-10
A: You must have the early model. This item has a teflon coating so should be OK.
Q: Hi, I am interested in bidding for this product but have a slight concern. On several occasions I have seen it displaying a sense of moral values. As I would like to use it for political purposes this would be an undesirable quality and would not fit in any `cabinet`. Does it come with a `morals` package ? If it does have morals, are they easily removed ? 09-May-10
A: The "morals" application can be disabled if it interferes with other programmes like "Expenses" and "Paid For Holidays 2".
Q: I've heard he's had one careful, lady owner but is this true? 09-May-10
A: That's what the log-book says.
Q: Hi, could I part exchange this kingmaker for a couple of antique Daves and a rusty old Paddy? 09-May-10
A: You can keep the Dave's but I might be interested in the Paddy for my "classic collection". Can you some pix?
Q: Can it sing? Good legs? If yes, could he also be Dorothy? Andrew would like to know. 09-May-10
A: Andrew - If the price is right "He could be Dorothy"
Q: that's twice you've said his label says 'Made in Eton' although according to my almanack of kingmaker hallmarks it says a true kingmaker should be 'Made in Westminster School' how do you plead? 09-May-10
A: I think I know what's happened here. The Clegg/Cameron labels have been swapped by mistake. Sorry, guilty as charged m'lud.
Q: Given I earn very little as a politician, and can't afford to pay you out of my wages, would we be able to do a deal where by I say you have done work for me, maybe admin or PR, and pay you that way? 09-May-10
A: Sorry, cash or paypal only. Could you not claim it on expenses?
Q: is he house trained?? 09-May-10
A: Yes, he's been in the House for some time although we bearly notice.
Q: Why is this a 5 day auction? Won't it be all over tomorrow? 09-May-10
A: Also, advertised elsewhere....
Q: Does it come in Brown? 09-May-10
A: For the right price, you can have any colour you want. :eek:)
Q: I bought David Cameron off you a few weeks ago and was VERY disappointed with the results. I will not be buying anything from you in future. Clegg or otherwise - Murdoch 09-May-10
A: Ah the Cameron was from you. You didn't include your contact details so we had to re-advertise him. Sorry.
Q: can you assure me that this is agenuine auction this time. I was told for months that I'd be able to bid last Thursday, but when I went to my local aution site he wasn't even listed ! 09-May-10
A: :eek:))
Q: How flexible is he? Can I get him to do absolutely anything? 09-May-10
A: He's fairly easy to manipulate when warm. Bit of a knack to getting him started.
Q: Hi I have a compatibility question. I recently recieved David Cameron and Gordon Brown through the post and put them in my Cabinet. All they did was fight and so i sent Gordon Brown back for a full refund. Would there be any compatibility issues between Nick Clegg and David Cameron in my cabinet? many Thanks 09-May-10
A: Suggest getting a larger cabinet under a time-share deal. Helps reduce the sort of squabbling usually associated with these items.
Q: Can he swim or will he sink - am concerned he may look like he's waving when he's drowning..? 09-May-10
A: Comes with full bouyancy kit and Cable attachment to stop him drifting too far.
Q: He appears to only have one limb in the photo, does he come complete with the others? 09-May-10
A: Sorry, this is an old photo, his right arm is been traded for power and influence as we speak.
Q: Regarding Nick Clegg's position on immigration - but given his participation in pre-election self-congratulatory political gatherings - can you tell me whether he could be truthfully advertised as "never raced or rallied"? 09-May-10
A: I can't find any locking wire on the sump plug which is always a good indication. Does use a bit of oil but very smooth through the gears. :eek:)
Q: Hi, Would he be safe in a lions cage? 09-May-10
A: Should know by Monday.... :eek:)
Q: Does the item come with a 5 year guarantee? 09-May-10
A: "Sold-As-Seen"
Q: Are you sure the item is genuine, only I believe the original product was programmed at Westminster and pirate versions often substitute the Eton OS by mistake? 09-May-10
A: The label says Eton. Perhaps this one slipped through the net! I'll check the registration and come back to you.
Awesome. 46 Bids!!

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