Nick Clegg - Autocrat of Democrat..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by heard_it_all_before, May 8, 2011.

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  1. I was always of the opinion, and assumption, that MP's were/are elected by the electorate to voice their concerns and work for the population that elected them, and not, to serve their own purpose..

    About 38 seconds in and this jumped up little **** is now sounding like one of the many Despot dictators that we go to great lengths to rid the planet of.

    BBC News - Vote 2011: Clegg fights back with NHS pledge

    Maybe he ought to remember that the coalition was only formed with his insignificant little party as there was no other with which to do it...

    Or maybe it's just me.....!
  2. Fudge Packer? Conservatives will be better off without this shower of shit.
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  3. Regarding the two posts above:


    A General Election is called for.
  4. hang on the NHS reforms were not in the manifesto so nobody voted for them as they didn't exist then?
    plus a bit rich to claim when faced with an open extra large goal and given one of those special needs ramps to make sure the ball hits the target (mixed metaphor but what the hell)
    call me Dave just scraped a win
  5. Only if you want Labour back in. Didn't you notice that the LD 'third party protest' vote has evaporated, and mostly defected to Labour?

    No, let the Current Government alone. The spoilt children of the LD's will, probably fairly soon, have to get used to the fact that its a lot harder than it looks being in the arena than it is sitting on the benches commentating.
    Some of Clegg's gang are starting to get it. Other's haven't, (I really thought better of Vince Cable) but he does have to keep his party membership happy in their warm, cosy, muesli eating world, by making noises that they appreciate.
    Especially after the rifting they just took in the local elections.
  6. Its just the Lib Dems showing how unfit for office they are, despite years as the third party they have shown how inept and politically inexperienced they really are.

    Cameron should grow a pair and sack Huhne and Cable, and tell Clegg that he's next if he doesn't smarten his (and his MP's) act up.

    Won't happen, Cameron is a tosser.
  7. Yes, that Nick Clegg, eh. What a bad party leader. His party have just been given a kicking in the local elections for not staying true to their party ideology, so he has now decided they should go back to their basic ideology.

  8. Remembering of course that the Lib Dem side of the coalition signed up for these NHS reforms right at the beginning. ;-)
  9. It was my belief that Clegg and the wooly jumpers wanted a voting reform.. Well, unless democracy doesn't count in LD terms, he got a referendum and he was****ed off.

    So by blurting a load of crap now, all that he's doing is calling all those that voted in the referendum a bunch of useless and untrustworthy *****. Or, maybe it’s because he’s spent to much time in Brussels and expects a Euro-communist style, “Vote Again” till you get the right answer sketch…..!
  10. Tories didn't win the election

    NHS reforms not in the coalition agreement

    Clegg under pressure with his party.

    The political arithmetic is fairly simple. I find it funny when people seem to think he owes the Tories any favours. He's taking a political evisceration to keep the country under stable government.

    If Cameron wants to call an election, by all means, let him do so. Let's hope he wins, because if he doesn't, and the seat arrangement ends up rougly where it is, with the Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power, he's going to wish he hadn't.
  11. Well, technically, there was a possibility of a government of labour and the conservatives, but that would have happened when hell froze over... The only reason we have our current situation, is because the conservatives weren't good enough to win an out-right victory against a labour government which was widely despised...
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    You misspelled "He is taking it up the back passage for the whiff of power the shifty little git couldnt hope for without his nose firmly up Call-Me-Daves cheeks".

    Clegg is a turncoat, a tosser and a shifty little git.

    That said, he is little worse than Call-Me-Dave or the gurning twunt fronting Labour. I dispair or the lot of them. I really do.
  13. Very true,but I would bet that a lot of the Lib Dem voters now realise that talking the talk,and looking good in TV Debates,isn't actually proof that you can do the job,and would now love to change their minds. ;-)

    It's also telling that a lot of his supporters are now giving Nick Clegg a hard time,for reneging on most of his manifesto promises,this proves 2 things his supporters don't realise that firstly,to implement his manifesto promises he has to be in a position to do so (He isn't),and secondly he hadn't seen the books that Labour left,until after he had agreed to a coalition,which kicked a lot of what he wanted to do,into touch so to speak,I'm not a great fan of his,but it seems a bit harsh to blame him for things that are out of his hands.
  14. Only being a simple soldier (former soldier) this politics business has me so confused.

    We had a General Election.

    The Tory Party polled: 10,726,814 votes.
    The Labour Party polled: 8,609,527 votes. Two million LESS than the Tories
    Limp/Dims polled: 6,836,824 votes.

    Nobody had won it seemed, so the failed oaf Brown said he was staying as Prime Minister.

    Messrs Cameron and Clegg decided that Brown staying on was a bad thing, so they said: let us enter a coalition - 'for the good of the country'.

    There was give and take on both sides but the media, led by the Labour Party's Propaganda Division - BBC Radio 4 - started an unrelenting and unremitting attack on the 'coalition' and on Clegg and the Limp/Dims in particular.

    The half-wit, sorry: quarter-wit Cable immediately demonstrated his inability to think of anything constructive and was found lacking as his only prop and sole attribute, that of being 'wise after the event' was taken from him.

    Cameron lacked the guts to sack the dimwit Cable, and the repellent and frankly 'gaga' Huhne into the bargain.

    Then, we had a referendum. It was won in spectacular style and the Limp/Dim's silly idea to obtain more seats was dismissed by 'the people'. At the same time, the Limp/Dims were decimated in elections for the stupid Scottish parliament and for the equally asinine Welsh assembly. They were, simultaneously, given a savage beating in elections for local government councillors.

    It was an awful day for Cable and his third rate 'idealists'.

    This is the bit I don't understand. Having been 'beaten up' by the electorate, the twerps, led by the inestimably childish and increasingly incoherent Cable, are demanding more say in how we, the nation, are governed!

    Can anyone explain this conundrum to me? (Sven/Whet: not you dear).
  15. Confusing, isn't it.

    Maybe the diference of 2 million votes in favour of the Conservatives wasn't enough for Comrade Brown to actually believe that the majority of country thought that he was a ****..

    All that I know is that had those voting figures been phone votes for Britains Got Talent, then the Tories would now be living a happy life in one of Simon Cowells Des Res mansions....