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Nick Carter proposes Robot Soldiers

OK, I've looked and done a search and I can't see that anyone else has picked this up (if I'm mistaken, then Mods please edit).

Just seen this on the Grauniad website:

'Robot soldiers could make up quarter of British army by 2030s'​

Are we being quite serious here?

Will these robot soldiers be be any good out on the p!ss with the lads but most importantly will they get the beers in?
Will there be gay robots and different coloured ones. Not just white ones. And what about Trans robots? These things are important in Nick's modern British Army.
Here's the robo RAF regiment replacement .

It can do everything and its funnier than @Himmler74
It will be one way of improving the manning figures.


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It would be more believable if Chris Carter had said it


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Don't forget the traditional army procurement will state that devices must

Weigh more than a Landover
Have a battery life of 13 minutes
The batteries must be unique, difficult to remove/replace and only be recharged using another piece of equipment that is also at least as heavy as a Landover
The operators course will be two weeks of death by PowerPoint and at no point will a real item be used.
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Assuming these robots become a reality, where will they be made and assembled? I'm thinking there may be a tad cause for concern from the human soldiers if these robots come with Made In China stamped into their metal arrse.

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