Nick a car and get 4 years --thats the way to do it Paddy !

It wasn´t just nicking a car, it was a hijacking too.

That would probably get the criminal about 4 weeks inside in the UK.

Bring in the Birch, Birch some sense in to the fcukers.


War Hero
I love this bit

Judge Patrick McCartan told the three that they had “forfeited their right to hospitality” in Ireland.
Exception rather than the rule!!!

The last 2 years were suspended they will serve 4-6 months max! Drugs and mobile phones are easier to get in Irish prisons than outside.

I don't think she can order them to leave as they are EU nationals.
I've heard from a Russian mate that Eastern European gangsters regard Ireland as a bit of a soft touch, unarmed cops, light sentencing etc. Although I would have thought that the Gardai would be able for them being used to dealing with our home grown gangsters and various flavours of paramilitary who are just as bad if not worse.

I'm fairly sure that they can be deported even though they are EU citizens. A big gang of Slovakian gypsies got booted out a year or two ago afair. I can see the point of immigrants to work in places like IT firms and hospitals (the health service would collapse without them), most of whom seem to came from outside the EU incidently. Can't see why we need to import people to sell the Big Issue though.