Nicholas van Hoogstraten - Zimbabwe arrest


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I am cut up. The thought of him in prison, some Bubba's bitch, is just........ brilliant!


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I'm OUTRAGED!!!!!!

Why oh why oh why was he ever released from prison in the UK?
How are the mighty fallen?!

It looks as if his connections with the people at the top have suddenly become disconnected...

Heartbroken. I really hope he has the opportunity to reconsider his attitude to his fellow man.

As he examines his smashed in hoop.

I really hope his cell mate is trying to fuck the white out of him right now.
I hope this horrible cnut gets his just deserts........ 8O just being honest... :D


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I'm also outraged that no-one else is outraged.....


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JoseyWales said:
He will walk.
You mean he can't currently? Will this be the first Zim miracle?
A proper nasty, dangerous sociopath..Oh and rich f***er.

Me doth thinkuth they could have taken that bag of shite down long ago... but they is doing it only now?

Loose ends?
This makes me ponder a possible power-struggle inside the Zanu-PF party and who is actually in charge at the top, moreover who the lower-level officials are listening to.

The Telegraph makes the point that van Hoogstraten is "a vocal supporter Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe", which one would assume would grant him immunity from pretty much anything, yet only a few days ago the BBC were reporting:

A leading figure inside the ruling Zanu-PF party in Zimbabwe is planning to mount a challenge to the leadership of Robert Mugabe, the BBC can confirm.

Simba Makoni was once finance minister under Mr Mugabe but now looks set to run against him in national elections expected in March.

Mr Makoni is seen as a moderate within Zanu-PF but the party has already said Mr Mugabe will be its candidate.

Our correspondent reports that there is growing opposition to Mr Mugabe from within the ranks of his own party.
We get the BBC's Hardtalk Program on the World service TV.
The 'Debates ' can get quite hot under the collar on occasions.
However there is normally a shake of hands at the end.
When Tim Sebastian interviewed Hogansawhatever I have never seen a more nasty interview, they where all but up to punching each other.


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Yeah, terrible shame. I hope the cnut gets an arrse-injected disease whilst being 'serviced' by one of his fellow 'tenants'.

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