Nicest RSM/SNCO ever

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by WALL!!!!, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Nat C***.SSM 20 sqn in the 80's-made me an egg banjo at four in the morning on an 'Op bender' (the airfield straightening job) Stanley airfield.What a thoroughly bloOdy nice chap.
  2. Interesting! Same unit, late 70's ,early 80's. SSM Hall and Staffy M**k H*ll of 2tp. Both gentlemen, especially M**k. The SSM retired and got a pub up in the Medway area. Visited him with others,too pi$$ed to remember where and he fished out something presented to him during a 'smoker' in the Zulu bar in 62 Cyprus Sqn when we visited in Jan /Feb '80. Heard he died consuming any profit made.. very sad. As for M**k, no idea. Smoked a pipe and earned total respect without really trying.
    This was at the same time as RSM L**as and Provo B**z Bu***ws as metioned in the 'other' thread!
  3. Can't have been any worse than the C... we had at Castledillon in 78
  4. Really nice bloke, WO1 Bob C**w. Came to us in the TA as a Clk Wks (M), having previously been SMI at Chatham. In his previous (Regular) life, he ran Hong Kong like a Swiss watch and was well respected (loved may be a better word) by the HK RE. A keen canoeist and ex 9 Sqn, he reminisced incessantly about his beloved(?) rigs which he maintained while at 38.

    He didn't need to shout. He got things done because people wanted to do things for him.

    Totally out of character, he overslept while at Camp in Gibraltar (his son was a Marine and led him astray when his ship coincidentally docked in the harbour) and was awarded an extra half-hour PT each morning, starting at 05:00 instead of 05:30. Such was the Team's respect for him that everybody, Sapper to Warrant Officer, also turned up at 05:00 to keep him company. The OC was a bit shocked when he turned up at 05:30 with his fellow officers and found nobody around. The award was suspended.

    Only seen him once since he was forcibly retired at 50. How times change. 50 and fitter than most 18-year olds but obliged to quit.
  5. Take it you mean Gollum? :)
  6. K***y M******n former Badge of 21 Sqn, top man who unfortunately had to contend with and baby sit the most arrogant, pompous, unfit, lower rank hating OC in the entire Corps! infamous for stating to his Squadron in Bosnia that everyone was there to get him his 'deserving' Gong and he will step on anyone who gets in his way... :x
  7. Col F*****n, last post was QMSI Boat School at Chatham in 2005 - 2007. He was my troop staffy in Afghanistan in 2002. An excellent boss, would never extract the urine unless a huge balls up was made, completely approachable, fit as you like but was happy on pt so long as you tried your hardest and when he chose to to drank was great on the lash! The last time I saw him was the night before my Clk Wks graduation. My brother and I went into the mess bar, and being novice, my brother opened up the cover for the secret bottle of port. My brother put his hand in his pocket and between the three of us and another guy whoes name I can not remember finished off all the existing bottle and the bottle my brother bought! A good last night in the mess at Chatham.

    Now an LE Capt in the Corps, Gaz B was my SSM in 8 AES. A cracking badge; not one for BS for BS's sake. I hardly ever saw him loose his rag. Would as the guys if he wasn't sure about something. Made phys different by breaking away from normal Tuesday and Thursday morning phys to orientering competetion with crates of beer in the light A hanger afterwards.

    As orderly Cpl in 38 HQ Sqn, Mick was a great boss. Left alone to get on with my job, pretty laid back and again, like Gaz, hardly ever got uptight about things. You certainly knew if you p155ed him off though, glad I never found out first hand what that was like.
  8. Dave "Plantcard", great bloke. Was acting SSM for 61 in TSG 1995 after the original badge (1st class C0CK) was being done for twatting a bloke in Okehampton. Also seem to remember the majority of MPF's I came across were all thoroughly decent blokes.
  9. R C D sqn 17/21 Lancers and G K Air sqn both realy cracking good blokes and still good mates
  10. "H" at 28 Engr Regt was probably the best RSM I ever knew, and now as a Capt he is just as approachable and helpful as he ever was. I'm sure some didn't like him, but I thought he was cool.
  11. Whoa legs is this H the airborne one as quite frankly shouting does not make things happen
    nice enough bloke when you talk fishing though!
  12. did some of these really NICE/CARING snco's offer sweeties & puppies????
  13. Two excellent SSM's were Brum C*****rd 3 Sqn 78/81? and John P*****ps 82/84 49 EOD firm but fair, work hard play hard and stuck up for their blokes through thick and thin.
  14. Wasn't John P*****ps RSM by 1984? Even more impressive to maintain the reputation all the way up, but typical of a straight-up honest man.

    (...this above all else - to thine own self be true).
  15. probably right dates defo aint my strong point, saw John last year at 33's reunion still a gent