Nicer-Sounding Weather Demanded By New Labor

Forecasters have been told to put a positive spin on the weather

It is goodbye to those miserable showers and isolated storms. Prolonged sunshine is expected under new “positive” forecast guidelines issued by the Meteorological Office.

Britain may have a tendency for damp and drizzle, but there is no need for our television forecasters to rub it in. They have been told to look on the bright side and accentuate the positive in an edict from the national weather centre.

There is no need to dwell on a “small chance of showers” when “mainly dry” tells a better story.

Outlook is suddenly brighter
By Adam Sherwin 5 October 2005,,2-1811808,00.html
mostly dry all bar the biblical rain over 90% of the country>>>> mostly dry... MY ARRSE!

Bugger all better to do. And besides, the only thing they haven't put any spin on is the weather.
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