Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    new look forums :)
  2. Not bad at all, a good move to vB, nice work from the admin team and pretty quick considering the size of these forums.
  3. Agreed, the old look had started to look a tad loud to be accessed from work
  4. The logo's particularly outstanding. I'm sure that the "draft" appearance to the pages will grow on me but the pastel blue came as a bit of a shock.

    It's a bit like joining a new site. It all looks very different. Do we have to re-upload the avatars?


    Oh! My avatar's on. Where are those of the previous two posters?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps they don't have one?
  6. polar had one yesterday, he didn't have one when I posted but it seems to have reappeared...

    I've found "View my posts" incidentally. Unfortunately, it's called something else and I've forgotten where i found it...
  7. Very snazzy
  8. how can I access replies to my posts?
  9. Click on your username next to your avatar and click "View Forum Posts".

    Edited to add: A damn fine upgrade once the teething troubles are sorted out. vBulletin is the top of the tree for forum software.
  10. It looks like that's how to access old threads. Clicking on "Quick Links" and "Subscribed Threads" produces today's (and, presumably, subsequent ones).
  11. I think GCO has done not a bad job. But I'm sure the usual crew will be along soon complaining about the wrong color, font, avatar size etc, etc.
    Well done to all involved with the upgrade
  12. The subscription thing can be set up differently. It can be automatic so every post you make is subscripted or you can do it more selectively. The forum default at the moment is automatic subscription through the control panel.
  13. speak for yourself.

    What is it with people? It wasn't broke, why fix it? It looks like fukcing facebook now which I deliberately avoid (as it's just a glorified Friends Reunited anyway).

    This is like Waitrose moving things around on the shelves - takes me ages to shop when before, I knew where everything was. Stupid.
  14. MrT, that sounds like a sign of old age.
  15. Not surprising really as I am apparently now a 'Senior Member'

    Thanks Arrse.