Nice VDV recruitment video

He could outgay Elton.George,Boy George and that bloke from Erasure.
HAHAHAH. Agreed.

I love the way he keeps turning to look at his troops, then doing that gay head nodding and cocky smile.

At one point he just points at the camera and starts laughing, almost as if someone just asked him about NATO's ability to defend western europe against russias military muscle.



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I'd love a translation of this, he is so tough! Perhaps it goes something like this :

[align=center]NATO is funny, they cant fight for shit
Me and my boys, we're so bloody fit!
We wear these gay Tee shirts
and sing catchy songs
but practicing those katas
plays havoc with our thongs!

We're tough, we're tough we're so bloody fit
we are parachuters* and don't take no shit
NATO are all sissies
We'll lead them a pretty dance
They are all surrender monkeys
Oh, sorry, thats France. [/align]

feel free to continue, it's time for my medication

*parachuters is used in the 'song' I think. Might be wrong, then again, who cares?
Quality. Anyone going to do a brit version?
General Melchett said:
Quality. Anyone going to do a brit version?
The only unit that could do British version, surely would be 3 Para mortars!

Trick said:
Anyone got a translation yet?
Nyet, none to be found.
(Where's that Sirgay bloke when you need him?)
It looks like an audition demo for the Grad Peeplski.
However, I did pick up that it's all about the VDV coming from the sky with their motto 'respect through glory' so it may go something like this:

I'm a para poof
and I'm alright
I lisp like this
cos me starfish ain't tight

wear striped pajamas
and me beret's powder blue
these are me dancing boys
so it's MR poof to you

Babuschka's got the borscht on
I must get home for tea
and take me medication
for me incurable VDV

we're the VDV
Fairies from the sky
respect through glory holes
we'll mince until we die


Something along the lines of:

"How many victories, we lost count blah blah blah

Victory from the skies (usual para bollocks) blah blah

No one can defeat mother Russia with us on her side blah blah"

Thats from what I could catch. Can't watch it for too long, far too para for my liking!
I thought the lyrics went along the lines of.

I have been stung,
yes my neck will be wrung,
It is my name on the risk assessment.
For my boys ´live battlefield assessment*.

Oh, what do my eyes beholden.
Yes, it´s Private Goldend
Formerly of the British Paratroopers
Now one of many good, solid comrade paratroopers

He´s not gay at all
nor are my boys´
because they don´t push back
when I´m in their cack.

Their botties aren´t slack.
These boys are pretty crack
Me i can sing
whilst my fingers in my ring.

Although I´d join just for a cabby on the Dushka, something meaty about the ammo used.

Or for the free gymnastics lessons.

* Thanks to Pte M Golden (Retd) 2 Para for that made up test (part of his P Coy don´t you know, of which he finished top..... or something.)
I've been humming this bloody tune all weekend and 'Chesteek Vallah' has become my phrase du jour :roll:

Nice video, though - lanky, pretty boys doing manly aerobics are always acceptable :D

Am waiting for a friend to return from Belarus to translate.....

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