Nice to see

Not really a debate topic. But I've just seen this pic on the beeb's website:

(RM homecoming parade in Taunton)

Looks like a good turn out - despite the rain. I guess it deomonstrates, in a small way, that there is a fair bit of support for the forces out there, despite what the meedja and the students' unions say...
My wife took the kids to see it, she said it was very emotional, I caught it on the news last night and agree a very good rendition of 'I vow to thee my country'

There was a USMC officer marching too - stood out a bit with his white trousers and Avon and Somerset had Mounted Policemen in ceremonial dress at the front and back of the parade

Belated welcome home Troops


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There's more support 'out there' than you know, lads.

I visited an 88 year old lady this week. We were discussing 2 Para's recent tour. She said

'I think they're all heroes. We know they didn't choose to go there, it was the Government that sent them, but they do a fantastic job and I won't hear a word said against them.'

I think she speaks for more people than the Westminster/Islington chattering classes do.
Never seen so many people in Taunton!

Damn good turn out and highly emotional for all.

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