Nice to see Johnny Gurkha getting his due...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nibbler, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. An excellent report. I particularly liked the the account of Rfn Nabin Rai sitting down for a smoke after being hit on the lid. Let down by sloppy editing though, I'm not sure that the chap in the picture is actually Capt Paul Hollingshead.
  2. Top stuff, hats off to the hard little madmen.
  3. Feeling old and out of touch, and too lazy too google it - what's the weapon he's carrying? Extending stock minimi? If so, what's an officer doing with a support weapon? Ready to be educated... Great article - the OC comes across well: I like the 'we're being restrained' line...It's the implicit 'So just try us when we're pissed off, shiteheads...'
  4. "Later he was again hit, this time in the helmet. He sat down and had a cigarette, then went back to his position."

    I will admit to a moist eye here and a heart swollen with pride for these guys, and not just the Gurkhas, all the guys and gal's serving out there.
  5. They're little and they're fcuking nails - as much respect to them as all other forces serving in 'ghanistan and sandpit.

    I've not been keeping up recently - have the Gurkhas finally been able to take British citizenship after serving with a proper pension etc? They deserve it, it's disgusting how the loyalty of these men was overlooked for so long
  6. Wouldn't like to get 20mm shell-casings 'showering on my head' from 20 yards up...

    Anyway... well done, to the Gurkhas. It's good to see newspapers bringing stories like this. Over here in the Netherlands, you wouldn't hear a word of it...
  7. Amazing!!!!

    Sterling soldiers
  8. Out - letthefrighteninglittlebuggersat'em - standing!
  9. Good luck Johhny!!
  10. It's been said many times before but they're scary scary little buggers
  11. Good lads!!!
  12. Give this man a medal (along with countless 3 Para lads).

    With the Taliban closer than 50 yards, Rifleman Nabin Rai, 20, manning a heavy machinegun on the roof, had several rounds ricochet off his weapon before a bullet went through the gunsight and hit him in the face.
    "His commander called for him to be medi-vacced out, but he refused to come down from the roof," said Major Rex.
    "Later he was again hit, this time in the helmet. He sat down and had a cigarette, then went back to his position."

    At least it's ten times better than the effort rewarded by the VC by that Warrior driver.
  13. I actually thought PTE beharry's VC was one of the hardest won ever

    But who are we to compare one VC to another, they don't hand them out with boxes of cornflakes.
  14. Yup -let's not go there boys - this thread is purely a comment on the bravery and attitude of the Gurkhas - no need to get into a slanging match over anyone who's been there and got the t-shirt...