Nice to see how the aid money gets spent....

A collection of photographs of aircraft interiors, lavishly decorated in execrable taste, has gone on show. Apart from saying they belong to sundry African dictators, the photographer declined to name the people who own them.

He added that:

“Because of the unique financial position of most of my clients, they have other items, such as large collections of exotic automobiles and so on, that I also photograph.”
Time to drop the debt?

Private jets to go on show at Brighton Photography Biennial - Telegraph
I recognise some of the interiors. They're from 747s that were pimped by Boeing Business Jets and Lufthansa for super rich clients in Saudi Arabia - the land that taste forgot. One of the owners has just upgraded to a double decker Airbus A380 configured as a VIP jet. His 747 is now gathering dust in the desert somewhere.

He might be kicking himself (or his servants) as the USAF is no longer considering a fleet of A380s for the new Air Force One. Apparently, they'll likely opt for three of the new "stretched" Boeing 747s. That's in addition to the fleet of 757s with built in office/cabin they use to fly cabinet members around. The 737s laden with comms equipment and used by generals flying back and forth to Iraq, Afghanistan, Los Angeles and other war zones, the 707s used for AEW and submarine comms and the "neacap" 747s about which we must not speak.

Kinda puts the RAFs 9, knackered Tristars in the shade. Perhaps that's why St Tony wanted to spend a billion quid on a pimped 777 for himself and Cherie to use. What extras would he have ordered I wonder? Here's your starter for ten:-

1 Multi faith Chapel with built in foldaway confessional in case he needed to tell Mandy anything.

2 Dungeon in the hold in case Gordon sneaked aboard.

3 Plenty of ligature points in case his daughter's travelling with him.

4 Virtual reality, 3D entertainment system to allow kissing of Pope's ring and George Bush's arrse at any time.

5 Aircraft belly camera so he can watch the little people looking up to him as he comes in to land.

6 Extra large mini bar in case his son is travelling with him.

7 .........

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