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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FBW, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    quick one
    im an ex reg with 10 years service and now 5 years ta service been on many a op tour and finished my last one in dec last year ,when i got back to squadron after potl was told that my det had been givin to somebody else (fair one) asked what i was going to do know and they said i had to work as a crewman on my old det with somebody in charge of me whos was frankly not up to the job :roll:
    Then got asked to join RRTT which i accepeted and was quite getting in to it when various squadron members started to leave at which that point they wanted me to go back as det commender
    Squadron dont seem to care that this will affect RRTT they just want the numbers in the squadron and dont care about RRTT training yet they dont understand without RRTT you wont get recuits in :evil:

    does anybody else suffer sim probs
  2. Hmmm...RRT :)

    Some units (Regular and TA) take their RRT commitments very seriously. Every unit I've been in has gladly taken the pain to keep it fully manned.

    It is a great way of recruiting people from the local base demographic, and I don't understand any unit that doesn't see it that way (IMHO!)

    I can't see why your chaps aren't quite getting the picture, unless whatever it is that you do is part of a HR unit, in which case I could understand the rationale.

    Keep plugging away! :)

    PS Please delete the other (exact duplicate) thread you posted! Pays to keep it tidy....:)