Nice Thought for Sandy Folk

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MadKev, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Tried the search engine, couldn't find this subject but it's worth risking a double-post.

    Make Money, stop sandy people itching.

    Direct lift from Martin Lewis' Money Savers. Buy any two Johnsons products, get loads of Tesco points. Keep under ten items at a time to stop till autoflags killing the deal. Buy, online or instore, any two selected Johnson's products (double-check the promo on the label) and you get 100 Clubcard points. The cheapest product on offer is 200g baby powder at 76p; thus you spend £1.52. Yet 100 Clubcard points can be converted into £4 worth of Clubcard deals so...'re making £2.48 profit for each £1.52 spent...

    "There's only so much you can use in a day to pamper your body, so some helpful MoneySavers created a fun discussion to bounce around ideas for alternative uses for talcum powder. Alternatively its worth noting that the UK's soldiers are looking for donations for Christmas parcels and Talcum Powders on there; so you may decide to buy, gain and do a civic duty"

    Nice one, Martin, civic duty and just in time for Arrsers to amass shopping points for Xmas.
  2. My first thought was ,"What the fukc?"

    My second was ,"What have you got to gain by this, MadKev?"

    Call me cynical......
  3. WTF? Well, yeah, can see that one, the cynic in us all.

    Me, To Gain? Nothing, nothing at all, and now 'our kid' is home safe and well, but the regimental welfare phone call after any reported deaths to say he was OK would send us in to a flat spin. There's enough complaints about people forgetting it's happening, but coming from a respected financial journo like Lewis I thought it was worthy of repetition here, nice to see the bloke had the thought.

    Organise the RBL or similar, get buying, pay for an Xmas PU, send talc in parcels. Smell nice, feel good.

    Or, don't. It's a judgement thing.
  4. So what he's basically saying is; if you've got a tescos' clubcard, you can make a nice bundle of clubcard points by buying 9 cans of Johnsons talc, which you can then get shot of in an army christmas parcel?


    I get an image of boxes each with a dozen cans of talc in! :D
  5. Is that a bad thing then? Looks like a win/win to me.
    The donor gets points/goodies/feel good factor and the squaddy gets less itchy knackers.

    Oh and Tesco looses a very miniscule amount of its profits.

    Can't see why people are carping about this. :?
  6. This is a win win thing, martin picks out the best consumer deals and spreads the love.

    No catch and a nice little tie in to forces chrimbob parcels

    Look after the pennies etc
  7. Not saying it's a bad thing, it a sweet deal, I'm just thinking of the possibility of some scrote sending a load of parcels of nothing but talc.

    Oh well, I guess it's all usuable in the end.