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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jaybee2786, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Although shiny arse has the update and its all sorted, it should be remembered that Spain didnt take part in WW1 (or officially in WW2). Its a grave of a foreigner taking up space as far as they are concerned.
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well they are still digging up mass graves from the civil war so one of ours aint going to make much odds to them.
  3. So you were aware of it before hand shoite arse? btw dont be a c ock all your days
  4. Shiny-arse:

    Nice name, how appropriate. [​IMG]

    This subject was brought up on RockNet because a member of the RAF Regiment thought that the actions of the Spanish were disrespectful to the grave of someone who was clearly a brave and honourable man.

    I suggested that, if the subject had not already been broached here that it might be a nice gesture for a Rock that uses ARRSe to bring it to the attention of this forum so that - if there is anything you gentlemen/women could do to help - you could - as you should.

    While your crass and disrespectful response is not representative of the actual fighting men that haunt ARRSe it is a sad reflection of the depths to which ArRse has sunk.

    You are an utter cunt and I will now disappear back up my own arsehole since I promised never to use this account after my "little run in".

    Airborne Aircrew
  5. Well said Airborne Aircrew but as as always your wasting your time some folk just cant see past there own noses and some are just born ******* such as shiny_arrse
  6. I've never heard of having to pay tax on a grave seems pretty fcuking cheeky. I'm surprised the Cyclops didn't set up something similar over here. Nice to see it ended up ok though.
  7. Guys - you blue jobs are nice blokes, but far too sensitive, FFS! Take no fcukin notice and crack on. The world is full of ********* whose purpose is to enable you to recognize a pal when you meet one. Focus! :)
  8. Love the RAF. Humourless drama queens with a serious inferiority complex.
  9. Oh dear, did I upset someone?
  10. Only on Arrse could a dead body turn into an Army Vs RAF grudge match......
  11. If the OP had bothered to google the news item before posting, he would have seen that the situation regarding Sir Gilbert Mackereth's grave had been sorted 4 days before his post. That's why I responded with my "crass and disrespectful" comments to Jaybee.