Nice one JPA, you bunch of tossers.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Praetorian, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Pay Statement yesterday, all seems well, happy days.

    Have I been paid today.......have I fuck.

    Fucking Pay.

    Bring back the RAPC!
  2. erm... why would you be? last day of the month is next tuesday.
  3. I was informed that Payday for me was supposed to be today, as the last Friday of the month.

    I know, I know, but I got paid on the last Friday last month. Its just the fuck about factor again.

    And CR, it isn't after 1900 or a yourself posting!
  4. Don't blame JPA, blame the dimwit that told you the incorrect payday. I've only known for the last 25 years that pay goes in on the last working day of the month, was there meant to be a change ?

    Edited to add.

    I know there are problems but to be honest none of them have affected me, JPA has been brilliant as far as I'm concerned, claims paid quickly with no quibbling, leave sorted no problem.

    So far so good, well done JPA!
  5. JPA

    all i can say is its crap
  6. you got paid on the last friday of last month because it was the 29th. and therefore the last working day of the month. :roll:

    it's not the "fuckabout factor". it's you being a divvy :)
  7. Oh dear, just found another Praetorian whinge in the health and fitness forum ;)
  8. Nice one CR, you cunt!

    Well, I was told it was the last Friday of the month, ill keep an eye on it on Tuesday.

    Next step is to see if I can get back the money i'm owed for courses!
  9. Nice one CR, looks like you've rattled someones cage.
  10. Have you claimed for it on JPA yet prae?
  11. Seconded!!!
  12. Also seconded ...........
  13. To be fair to JPA (not something I'm overly fond of, the useless thieving not enough server space civvie c*nts), once a claim goes in and is signed off by your CofC, payment is very quick.

  14. Get pay statement, look for "Pay Date" (top right) - it will read 31-JUL-07.

    It's the last day of the month generally, working or not - our whole unit got paid on the Saturday last month (despite me telling them to expect it on the friday, que nasty phone calls)
  15. It would make for dull reading if the vast majority of people who are getting what they should out of JPA started logging on and saying how good it is compared to what we have been used to! I'm surprised we didnt see 100s of complaints when peoples beer money ran out fractionally earlier in May because our pay is evened out over the year and they didnt get a full 31 days in the bank. Bottom line is that (very obvious problems aside), besides JPA system faults there are very many problems brought about by poor personal admin, DHE not getting a grip, manning authorities not getting it right (sometimes with good reason, sometimes not). It is not simply the fault of the system, unpallatable to many though it is to hear this. As an example, problems caused by a lack of training on JPA can be put down to a combination of allsorts: poor training design (the fault of the provider, or the Single Services over/underestimating the IT/mental proficiency of their people? or both), time compression (a. getting the training to the masses, combined with b. all the other pressures on Units), commanders not getting their heads round the change (again, time factor, also a huge culture change as it's no longer G1 rubbish), I could go on. Frankly, we are where we are because a very good idea was thrust on us by Ministerial pressure to make change fast (old systems on last legs, financial efficiencies, lower cost options offered by service provider compared to gold-plated options from other companies etc).

    This is my 2nd succesive dull post, I must be sobering up now so I think I will call it a night.