Nice one Deano! You plonker....

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Queensman, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Quite right too!

    In my opinion the punishment is just, sport is all about sportsmanship and if a few individuals can not abide by the rules then they should be prepared to reap the reward for this sort of behaviour, however he done the right thing in resigning. He has only brought shame not only upon himself but also the team.
  2. Deano was on Radio 4 this morning - why can't these folk front up and admit to a bit of shame? All he could say was 'I'm very disappointed.' So am I disappointed, very fcuking disappointed! But his disappointment came across as disappointment in being caught and 'done', not in that he'd in any way transgressed.

    Will Carling, who I've always admired (it wasn't his fault the heir to the throne's wife dropped her drawers for him - he wasn't exactly alone now, was he?), brought some common sense to the proceedings - He praised Deano as a friend and as a trainer but said he couldn't possibly defend what had gone on in the changing rooms. He said 'I thought blood capsules were something you played with in the garden'!! He reminded us of the old days when players limped off or props came off to force uncontested scrums.

    One expects dirty tricks from footballers from the Association code, tripping, diving, falling over and generally being big girls blouses but this latest episode really hasn't helped the game of Rugby Football on the eve of the new season.

    Meanwhile..... C'MON IRISH!!
  3. I get incensed by footballers taking a dive but this is taking it to a whole new level of premeditation. It would have been bad enough to have bitten a lip and got a bit of claret flowing but to make up and prepare a blood pellet and get it out to a player to use at a crucial time beggars belief. It isn't taking advantage of a situation it is out and out cheating and deserves all the punishments meted out.
  4. I think we all knew there was something hooky about the incident from the off but nonetheless I think most Quins supporters will feel an overwhelming sense of dismay, given the club has had such a good run. There realy was no need for this subterfuge; Evans missed the kick anyway.

    The sad aspect of all this is that Quins is a very strong community club and thousands of youngsters turn out every Sunday morning to play in rain, sleet, snow and mud throughout the winter for their clubs and are drilled into maintaining the tradition of sportsmanship and honest competitive behaviour. Not much leadership from the professional club they support then.

    Unfortunately, and how wrong can you be, I thought he was a shoe-in to be the next England coach. Loser.
  5. 'Richards, who was found to have been involved in four separate similar incidents....' And just precisely how many more did he he 'get away with'?

    This is bad news for the English game, not just Quins.
  6. He was an amazing player - won games on his own, just shambling about, or so it seemed.

    Sad, very sad and very, very naughty.

    How many posters would 'have a real go at him' face to face?

    I wouldn't - it would be: 'Yes Mr. Richards, no Mr. Richards, like another pint Mr. Richards?'.

    PS: Was it Dooley or Richards - both policemen - about whom the story of the police car was told?

    WPC pulls over a motorist. He, the driver, is not best pleased and starts to argue. He gets heated and threatening and then he sees either Dooley or Richards 'unfold himself' from the police car, whereupon he adopts, very sensibly, the 'compliant and remorseful stance'.
  7. [​IMG]

    Spotted outside of the Stoop where Harlequins play yesterday!