Nice new Laptop, New Vista, WTF is a product Key!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by dance_with_the_devil, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi Fellow Arrsers,
    Mrs Devil bless her has gone out of her way to buy me a shiney new Laptop with the new Vista program..MMmmm nice i thought.
    Started to cut around the Vista program to get a feel etc only to come across Microsoft Office 2007 and low and behold i can't get access due to this bloody Product Key.
    So no Product Key no Writey letters and ******* around with Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint Pressers.
    So where does one get a Product key from?
    And i'm sure as hell ain't going to PC (Ripoff) World to buy MS2007 for an extortionate amount of Wonga.
    Any help greatfully received.
    DEVIL :twisted:
  2. You should have got a bundle of stuff with it. Look on the back of one of the microshaft discs/booklets and it will have a barcode, hologram and a long list of numbers and letters broken into quadrants. It should say 'product key'.
  3. You should have a product key (thats MS bullshoite speak for an activation code!) somewhere with the documentation for the laptop/software... unless your old lady got it in leui of cash behind the boozer for being spit roasted...!!! :D

    (It might be on the base (bottom side) of the laptop)
  4. Failing that....take the laptop back to the shop because you're far too stupid to own it ;)
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Is it a 60 day trial?

    Are you on DII?

  6. Thanks for the "Useful" advise Arsers.
    Will look for said Hologram and gase at wonder at it's brilliance!
  7. Hope u got ift fixed mate.

    Have Softphone with BT myself on WiFi. Can make calls out, no calls in....grrrrr Nice with the Dell, no other hardware needed for voicecalls (but no feckin calls in).
  8. Any hologram on the laptop itself will be for windows Vista not M$ Office.

    I suspect you have a 60 day trial version of Office.

    There are alternatives if you don't want to pay for it......
  9. If its the trial version - they seem to have stopped giving away anything except nasty "Works" with laptops - then MS will want you to pay for it after 60 days....

    If you are a DII ( or indeed LAND CSSR) user you can get a copy of Office 2007 for £17 from MS as a "home user", all nice and legit, takes a couple of weeks to arrive though.

    I'll post a link from work tomorrow....
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. Cheers IT GUY,
    Yeah like a pleb I used the 25 digit from the Holographic image on the base of my Lappy, and sure as pigs do root in shit, it fcuked me off at the high port!!
    MS 2007 can fcuk right off, im downloading Open Office.
    Cheers for the input Fellow Arrsers

    DEVIL :evil:
  12. FWIW you might want to try this web site:


    They appear to offer software that looks for MS product keys for a modest $19.95 USD.
  13. They come with a trial version of Office, you will have to go to Microsoft and buy a licence key. Infact, here is a reply I've just done from my column in PC Advisor magazine on the very same subject:

    Hope this helps. Go for the Home version BTW, it is cheaper.