Nice Low Carb Foods ?

Okay so what's a tasty low carb replacement for bread / potato`s ? for that matter what's a tasty low carb meal /recipe ? do they exist?
Quinoa. Absolute ly superb once you get the knack of cooking it. Very low carb, texture similar to cous cous or rice and very high in protein.

I bang it in a pot with meats when Im doing a curry. It takes on the flavours and bulks it out too.

Omelettes for breakfast too, chicken or ham in them, you'll be surprised ow much that will fill you up more than cereal or toast
Some of the stuff on here isn't too bad:

The Scarsdale Diet

Nothing exciting, but does take the thinking out of menu planning. Only intended to be used for a couple of weeks though -- they say themselves that you can't/shouldn't eat like this all the time.

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