NICE: Cancer drugs removed from the NHS -

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scoobish, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Reported just now on BBC News.

    We can't afford to freely treat cancer on the NHS.

    Yet, we GIVE the EU Commission £16,500,000,000 BILLIONS in taxes and an estimated other costs, taxes and business rates etc £95,000,000,000 BILLIONs of OUR treasury (Tax Payers Alliance), OUR taxes from OUR wages?

    and we can't afford to take care our own sick?

    It's just plain wrong to me.

    Am I in a minority on this one.

    In fairness, I declair I have bias against the EU anyway, but surely this is wrong on so many levels
  2. That aside,when it's reported that these drugs are too expensive,what makes them expensive.Techies and research or profits for the chemical companies?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Massive R and D costs combined with a very small number of people with the diseases they treat.
  4. 'Freely treat'?

    Them drugs cost serious money…

    What would you rather the NHS do, keep someone with terminal cancer alive for another month, or treat 100 people with curable cancer?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    You would do better to declare a bias against the feckless, lazy chavscum which inhabit our island:

    In 2008/09, gross income tax receipts were £152.5 billion. In the same year, social security benefits cost the Exchequer £150.1 billion.

    In 2009/10, the Treasury is expecting to take in £140.5 billion in gross income tax receipts. Social security benefits are projected to be £164.7 billion
  6. Yes. Although £90 billion (or there abouts) is spent on old age pensioners. So the best thing to do is go out and kick a granny down some stairs
  7. Why on earth would you want to extend your lifespan if you had terminal liver cancer, I think the hint might be in the Terminal bit, once your liver is done for, basicaly so are you.
    Father in Law had it, couple of months after diagnosis he was gone.
    High time the NHS's money was spent on taking care of the sick, the ones that can be cured, not try and do the unachievable of trying to keep everyone alive at any price.
    Cruel, yes, there is only so much money available why throw it away on a hopeless case?
    Your heading is wrong too, they were not removed, for something to be removed, it has to be available in the first place.
  8. that was kinda my point - the money bit - we cant afford to do both yet, we keep paying billions from our economy to the EU when it is supposed to be raised for the benefit of our economy?

    we could affod both - was the point
  9. You haven't thought this through at all. We'll end up paying NHS costs, and another 10 years of disability to boot. I'm sure there are more effective solutions than a 'kick down the stairs'. A Mortal Kombat style "FINISH HER" for one.
  10. A friend of mine has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, so it's a tough one - but on the NHS, and indeed any health insurance policy, it's unfortunate but inevitable that we will eventually reach a ceiling. We can't afford to keep every terminally ill person alive indefinitely, as the bill could quite easily reach tens of millions for each one.
  11. Would a liver transplant be viable?

  12. Not usually, Liver Cancer is one of the more active and lethal cancers, by the time it's diagnosed, it's usually too late, only something like 10% are diagnosed when still treatable with surgery. My old man started complaining of stomach pains, went to the GP, was referred to a specialist, saw him later that week, was in hospital later that day, dead in six weeks.
  13. Its wrong for the NHS to play god with peoples lives ,What really upset me is the fact that a lot of people who worked hard all their lives are not taken in to consideration and given the help they need and they are just left on the back shelf and not cared for properly .
  14. This drug is, however, available throughtout Europe on their Health Schemes, and even in poorer countries such as Romania.........
  15. a few too many people forget that the 'extra x months of life are not necessarily good quality months of life - they are months added to the suffering as the end of life approaches