Nice Boots....

Gentlemen, you have clearly all been taken in. Your comments about the door are well founded. However please please look at the floor, if thats not Made For Idiots two pounds fifty a square metre I dont know what is. As for the boots, 2005 Stead and Simpson winter specials.
Flooring two pounds fifty a square metre, door 450 quid, whore from Chelmsford, eight hundred quid a night, the picture of your wifes face when you credit card bill drops through the letter box......priceless.
That flooring is not in keeping with the style and colour of that lovely Georgian panelling. The combination is a complete and utter mess.

Nice boots, though.

I've seen those boots before..on Pam Anderson and assorted other skanky types.. I think the brand name is UGGS..apparently all the rage in such snow covered climes as L A California where the snowdrifts are quite high [ usually in the lavatories of the higher class snorting establishments ]

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