Nice bit of kit for you old instructors out there.......


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Got one of these the other day, and I believe it was used on the L42 Sniper Rifle by an instructor who wished to see the sight picture of the firer, or so I've been told.

It's a prismatic lens system with a clamp.

Can anyone confirm this, and if so, does anyone want to make me an offer?

Its a standard instructor's prism for a No4 rifle. I doubt it was used much on the L42, since I would expect snipers to have been skilled shots with iron sights anyway. These aids were largely used when the No4 was the standard rifle - its a device for sorting out trainees who can't seem to hit the target! Similar devices existed for previous rifles, such as the No1. These croip up on eBay a lot, if you need to assess the value...
Had a couple of these for the SLR, just slide on and off the rear sight, a black plastic box with a prism.



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Cool - thanks very much for the info.
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