Nice Bit of Garden Sculpture

Here's something for the front garden to frighten off the local curtain twitchers..... For those who are into Eptein's sculpture...... Ugly.....!! I'm bored,... it's Late 'o Clock... and I cannae sleep.... No wonder I'm having nightmares....


Something unfunny.... irrelevant...trying to be amusing but failing dismally...not taking the hint...cunt... etc, etc, (cont'd page 94)
The worst thing is, that the useless cunt who sculpted that worthless piece of ugly shite will no doubt have been paid a massive wedge of money for it. Grips my shit when you get some wanker calling themselves an 'artist' can put together a box of baked bean cans covered in green string, black nasty and toothpaste then arrange it in artful way in a puddle of piss and say that it 'represents poverty and striving to overcome said poverty' Then some other useless sponging 'artist' wankers will ooh and aah over it, say how great it is and agree that it must be worth at least 25k. then comes along some numb cunt with loads of money and the common sense of decomposing roadkill who will buy it on the advice of some mate of the said 'artist' Get a real job you wankers!!
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